14 Hilarious Tweets Showing What It’s Like to Be a Teacher During a Pandemic

14 Hilarious Tweets Showing What It's Like to Be a Teacher During a Pandemic

The last 3 to 4 months have been a whirlwind for teachers. We went from preparing for our end of the year festivities (in between test prepping, of course) to the longest long weekend of our educational careers. When schools were closed down for 2 weeks, and then another 2 weeks, and then the rest of the school year, the emotional rollercoaster that our life already was got transformed into an emotional rocketship orbiting into an unknown universe. Between homeschooling our own kids, transforming into remote teachers overnight, being quarantined at home for months, and now having NO CLUE what’s in store for school in the fall, we’re all feeling a little lost in space, still orbiting, just with toilet paper back in stock.

Here are a few teachers on Twitter sharing their space expedition experiences.

1. Duck and cover!

2. Ummm…

3. Easy peasy!

4. *insert gag noise*

5. Give us something!

6. Yet they’re laying off teachers by the thousands…

7. Mind boggling.

8. “Zoom headache”

9. Hmmm…

10. I’m no math expert but…

11. Sounding pretty bleak…

12. Teacher brain

13. Impossible

14. Gee, thanks.


14 Hilarious Tweets Showing What It's Like to Be a Teacher During a Pandemic

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