15 Hilarious Reactions to Expect When Telling Students You’re Engaged

15 Hilarious Reactions to Expect When Telling Students You're Engaged

Teachers often refer to students as their “kids.” So, when a teacher gets engaged, sharing the news with students is just as exciting as telling any of their blood relatives. A recently engaged teacher may dream of students cheering about the news and receiving handmade cards, but the reality is that kids have A LOT of questions and comments about new engagements.

Here are 15 hilarious things that students have actually said to their newly engaged teacher.

1. “Soooo are you happy?”

One would think that a newly engaged teacher (or human in general) would unquestionably be happy, but hey maybe the kids just need a little reassurance that their fav teacher remains in good spirits!

2. “You mean you weren’t already married?”

Little humans seem to think that all adults and teachers are married with families already, so the news of an engagement can be quite shocking!

3. “How did he propose?”

This is a question kids AND adults often ask newly engaged couples. You may want to leave out the part of the story with copious amounts of champagne.

4. “Did you kiss?”

Let’s make a deal. I won’t ask you who you kiss if you don’t ask me. K?

5. “Are you getting married this weekend?!

No, I’ll be grading papers and writing lesson plans this weekend.

6. “Do your parents know?

Are you an investigative journalist? Put some of that effort into your social studies essay, please!

7. “I knew it!”

Apparently students can see the future because they knew their teacher was getting engaged before she did. Good for them!

8. “Why would you want to get married?”

It does seem kind of yucky through the minds of younger students, but this is a great moment to explain the power of love. Prepare for students to cringe!

9. “Does your fiancé have a name?”

“Yes” is a complete answer.

10. “Do they have swag?”

I’m not even sure what that means, let alone how (or if!) I should answer…

11. “So, which students will you invite to the wedding?”

Although some teachers so thoughtfully invite some students for a meaningful experience, most teachers are looking forward to one weekend without teacher duty. However, we’re not above a dance contest to see who is the best dancer and worthy of an invite.

12. “Are we getting a new teacher?”

Yup, now that I’m engaged, I can no longer teach. #sarcasm Truthfully, though, planning a wedding AND lesson planning simultaneously is basically two jobs.

13. “How many kids do you want?”

Is my engagement not exciting enough for you? Pump the brakes, kiddo.

14. “Can we pick your dress?”

That’s a big “no.”

15. “I’m always going to remember that my teacher got engaged while I was her student!”

Now, this one is just too sweet… and probably true for many students!

What funny things have students said to you after you shared big news? It’s always classic!


15 Hilarious Reactions to Expect When Telling Students You're Engaged

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Jenna Marcal


Jenna is a 5th grade teacher in Upstate New York! She loves to cook, dance, and dance while cooking! When she's not taking care of her succulent babies, Jenna can be found grading a stack of papers with one hand and holding a chilled glass of white wine in the other.

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