The 20 Most Epic Hall Passes Teachers Have Ever Made

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hall passes_feature image_Bored Teachers

When teachers have a sense of humor, the possibilities for having some fun at school are endless. The following images are proof of how hilarious teachers can be. Some of these may seem cruel, but hey, at least students might hurry back to class, to avoid embarrassment!

1. Guilt-trip pass

2. The giant teacher’s head on a poster saying “HURRY!”

3. The “Hicks Hall Pass”

Hall Pass1_Bored Teachers

Hall Pass2_Bored TeachersCourtesy of Allison E. – Bored Teachers

4. The ultimate embarrassing pass

5. A baby car seat

6. Just a piece of some fine art, no big deal

7. A rat on a leash…?

8. Pooperman Cape

Hall Pass5_Bored TeachersCourtesy of Ashlee A. – Bored Teachers

9. A giant plantain

10. A giant duck

Hall Pass3_Bored TeachersCourtesy of Deven A. W. – Bored Teachers

11. An absurdly long pole (or something?)

12. A “poop” sign

13. A hard-to-lose globe

14. A Paper sword

Hall Pass4_Bored TeachersCourtesy of J. W. C. – Bored Teachers

15. One obscure vegetable

16. A creepy toy baby

17. Pumpkin pass

18. A trash can

19. A 6 1/2 foot papier-mâché pencil

20. This obnoxious meme

Cover image via Twitter: @DankMemes_ONLY

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