19 Hilarious Things Teachers Do When No One Is Watching

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As a way to alleviate stress for both the students and the teachers during testing season, the teachers at this middle school in Carthage, Missouri put together one of the funniest teacher videos ever. It is a take on some of the stereotypical things people think about teachers. Using that to their advantage, they came up with some “tongue-in-cheek” situations to act out, combined them with some of the behaviors they’ve caught their students doing, and created one HILARIOUS video. Check out the clips in the list below and watch the full video at the end!

“Seeing teachers act out the way the kiddos do, is a little shocking to the students but they really enjoyed it.” –Angel Ambrosius, Teacher/video-creator

1. 5th Grade Teachers

Anthony Hance, Meagan Ross "We sometimes race in the hall on the teachers' chairs"

Teachers racing on chairs in hallways GIF

2. Principal

Dr Scott Ragsdale Principal "I like to slide down the stair rails after all the kids have gone home."

Sliding down the rail gif

3. 6th Grade Teacher

"I like to sneak into the music room and play the piano with my toes"

Playing piano with toes GIF

4. 5th Grade Teachers

"I take naps during my plan time and sleep on top of my students' desksTeacher napping on desks GIF

5. 5th Grade Teacher

Sometime I eat student lunches when they are at recessteacher eating students lunches

6. 6th Grade Teacher

I like to find my new outfits in the students' lost and foundteacher finding lost and found clothes GIF

7. Reading Teacher

"I like to see my face and hand prints on the glass after the custodians have cleaned it"

Teacher making mouth and hand prints on window GIF

8. 5th Grade Teacher

Sometimes I pretend that I'm in singing in the Tain and dance on the roof!"

Teacher on roof dancing in the rain with umbrella9. Literacy Coach

"I like to use the kids' playground to meditate"

GIF teacher meditating on playground

10. 5th Grade Teacher

"I like to dance in the halls when no one is looking"teachers dancing in the halls GIF

11. Special Ed Teacher

"I like to run in the halls when no children are around"

Teacher running in the halls GIF12. Custodian

"When the teachers are gone I like to go in and sniff the school supplies"

Custodian sniffing school supplies GIF

13. Art Teacher

"I like to jog with scissors"jogging with scissors GIF

14. 5th Grade Teacher

"I sometimes turn on Disney music and avoid adult responsibilities."

Teacher throwing paper off of desk

15. Assistant Principal

"When Dr. Ragsdale isn't around, I like to go into the "bigger" office and pretend it's mine!"bigger office principal Teacher putting feet on desk GIF

16. 6th Grade Teacher

"I secretly hate apples"

Teacher throwing apples with baseball bat

17. Media Specialist

"Sometimes I hide new books BEFORE I let you check them out"

Librarian hiding books GIF

18. Counselor

When Mrs. Rush isn't around I like to re-shelve book in the order of cuteness

Teacher reorganizing books in library

19. I.S.S. Teacher

"When the superintendent talks to me, I like to ignore him until he goes away"

Teacher ignoring superintendentWatch the full video below!


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