20 Students Tweet The Weirdest Thing Their Teachers Have Ever Done

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Jimmy Fallon, TV host of The Tonight Night Show, has some new hilarious submissions from his hashtag game called #MyWeirdTeacher. If you haven’t already seen it, he tells people to tweet something weird their teachers have done before. The results are hilarious! From taxidermied armadillos wearing party hats in the classroom to screaming “For Narnia” before running out to recess, these are some of the funniest, strangest, and questionable tweets you’ll ever read.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done as a teacher? Let us know in the comments!


Tweet: "My teacher moved his left hand in circles as he erased the board with his right hand so he would "build the muscles evenly."via The Tonight Show


The day after we turned in drafts of our term papers, the professor wore all black to signify his disappointment in our work.via The Tonight Show


"My teacher would tell us to work hard in math and science classes, otherwise we would end up a gym teacher. He was also the gym teacher." Tweetvia The Tonight Show


"My honeymoon teacher kept a list on the chalkboard of people who needed Prom dates." tweetvia The Tonight Show


"My biology teacher handed us back our graded homework. Every oar was maroon. She had apparently spilled a bottle of red wine." tweetvia The Tonight Show


At the end of a test period, our science teacher would respond to our, "One more sec, one more sec!" with, "No more secs!" tweetvia The Tonight Show


Whenever I ask my teacher what we're doing today, she says "Working hard and suffering greatly, because life is pain."via The Tonight Show


If it was your birthday, my teacher would draw a cake on the board and ask you to blow our the candles. You just had to stand there and blow on a chalkboard until she said the candles went out." tweetvia The Tonight Show


My Chemistry teacher had a taxidermied armadillo in the classroom. For a while it wore a party hat and was called "The Partydillo"via The Tonight Show


"In sixth grade my teacher would say "popcorn's ready" every time a timer went off for an exam" tweet


My biology teacher would write "TGIM" and "TBIF" on the board - "Thank God it's Mon" and "Too bad it's Fri" tweet


"I had a sub teacher in middle school who always said no by saying "afraid not" & pulling a frayed knot out of his pocket." tweet


"My teacher used to ask us to clap twice if we were listening but to "clap 3 times if we were REALLY listening." tweet


#myweirdteacher made me stand in the middle of the gyn and blasted "Sweet Caroline: while the class rollerbladed around me" tweet


Every time we got to go outside for break, my teacher would make us shout "FOR NARNIA" then run out of the classroom" tweet


"My fourth grade teacher would clip her toe nails when she was waiting for us to be quiet." tweet


"#myweirdteacher" she kept a decorative urn on her desk which said "asked of former students." We hoped it was just cigarette ash" tweet


"In High school I had an English teacher that would bark and hiss at students that didn't behave" tweet


"My professor once stopped in the middle of a lecture to tell 400 students how awful his tinder date went the night before" tweet


"My science teacher accidentally farted mid-lecture. He said "In latin that's known as flatus." Then he resumed his lecture" tweet

Watch Jimmy read them live on The Tonight Show:

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done as a teacher? Let us know in the comments!

#myweirdteacher Jimmy Fallon Tweets

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