20 Things You Should Never Say To A Teacher

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There are some things that you should just never say to a teacher. Whether you’re a parent, a friend of a teacher, or simply an innocent bystander, consider yourself warned!

1. “My kid is easily bored. Is your class going to be interesting?”

angry female "are you kidding me?" gif

2. “Maybe you should try doing more fun activities in your lessons.”

Andy Richter mocking face gif

3. “My taxes pay your salary, so technically I’m kind of your boss.

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4. “I’m going to quit my desk job and do something easy like teaching.”

Brick Tamlin in Anchorman with banana in hand "hahaha, good one" gif

5. “I wish you cared as much about my children as you do about your salary.”

chanel oberlin in scream queens "how dare you" gif

6. “Must be nice to get paid to read books to kids, color pictures, and play all day… AND get the summers off.”

Lesley Knope Parks and Rec "what?" gif

7. “Tests are a good way to see if teachers are doing their job right.”

Jessica Williams The Daily Show holding back from snapping, angry face gif

8. “A good teacher wouldn’t complain about having too many students.”

James Franco The Interview staring someone up and down angry face gif

9. “You give too much homework. Just because you have nothing to do after school, doesn’t mean the kids have all the time in the world to spend on homework.”

John Snow Game of Thrones dirty look gif

10. “I know how to read and write, I’m pretty sure it can’t be that hard to teach it.”

female actress "seriously?" gif

11. “My son isn’t doing well in your class, what are you doing wrong?” (parent who takes kids on vacation for 2 weeks in the middle of the school year)

Tom from Office Space yelling "what the hell is wrong with you people?" gif

12. “Maybe you should spend more time on lesson plans and less time decorating your classroom.”

little rascals darla crushing can in one hand gif

13. “I went to school for 17 years, I’m sure I could be a teacher, too.”

man throwing papers around in office gif

14. “Teaching sounds easy. You only have to work 10 months out of the year.”

Zach Galifainakis Due Date "you better check yourself before you wreck yourself" gif

15. “Maybe your class is the problem because my son never misbehaves at home.”

Tina Fey rolling eyes gif

16. “Oh, you teach kindergarten? I used to babysit kids, too.”

classic black and white film man with fedora hat and suit and tie pointing "get out" gif

17. “Maybe if you spent more time teaching in class, you wouldn’t have to give so much homework to make them learn the material at home.”

Michael Scott emotionless face zoom gif

18. “Are you doing anything important in your class this week?”

Ron Swanson angry look gif

19. “You finish your workday at 3pm, how do you not have enough time in the day?”

blonde female "are you f***ing kidding me" gif

20. “Maybe you should get another job during the summer and work 12 months of the year like normal adults.”

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