22 Teachers Rocking the Distance Learning World

22 Teachers Rocking the Virtual Learning World

With millions of teachers making the transition to virtual learning, there has been a mix of struggles, creativity, and enthusiasm. We scoured Instagram to see how teachers are getting on with the new virtual world, and this is what we found!

1. Applying real-life situations to the classroom

2. Virtual Learning in HD broadcast quality!

3. Lights, camera, action!

4. Virtual sculpture class! (swipe left to make sure you see the students’ creativity!)

5. Just like the classroom!

6. Introducing the new class pet!

7. Themed classes just got real!

8. Keeping those bulletin boards & calendars up to date!

9. Planning periods just got an upgrade!

10. Getting their virtual scavenger hunt on!

11. Staying classy up top, casual down low!

Hey, if we all post pics of our new uniforms, we might start a trend!

12. Going LIVE from the porch for science class!

13. Making sure #feetupfriday is still in session no matter the “classroom”

14. Drinking HOT coffee and teaching in pajamas is PURE GOLD…

22 Teachers Rocking the Distance Learning World

15. Making sure their students feel loved and supported during these challenging times

16. Bringing the science lab home!

17. Biology from the bathroom!

18. Sending positive vibes!

Once a teacher always a teacher!

19. Teaching from bed!

20. Multitasking like never before!

21. Teaching from the living room!

22. Teaching with afternoon naps!

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22 Teachers Rocking the Distance Learning World

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