23 “Said No Teacher Ever” Quotes To Get You Through Another School Day

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After we asked our followers on Facebook to send us their best “said no teacher ever” quotes, we were blown away by all the answers we received, and still laughing at all of them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t post them all, but here’s a handful of our favorites. Enjoy!


1. Planning time


"Of course let's have a fire drill, a lockdown, and a PTM during my 30 minutes of planning time" said No Teacher Ever


2. Bring it on!


One more new adopted curriculum this year? Bring it on! Said No Teacher Ever

3. Fidget spinners & bottle flipping


Of course you can dab while playing with your fidget spinner and flipping that bottle - said no teacher ever


4. Fri -YAY!


I didn't realize it was Friday!


5. More data


Thank God we have all this data, I wouldn't know what to teacher without it.


6. Your child is a genius


You are right, your child is an angel and a genius! I am the one with the problems. said no teacher ever


7. Weekend fun


I love spending my weekends lesson planning and grading -said no teacher ever


8. Staff meeting


Keep asking theses questions at the end of our staff meeting. - Said no teacher ever


9. Everything went exactly as planned…


I went through absolutely everything I needed to this week and it all went as planned


10. We just sat around waiting for you to come back!


Oh don't worry you didn't miss anything important yesterday, we sat around waiting for you to come back


11. I learned so much at that inservice


I learned so much at that inservice - said no teacher ever


12. I never spend my own money on school supplies!


I never have to spend my own money on school supplies - said no teacher ever



13. Coming to school with a fever


Sure I don't mind if you come to school with a fever and you're throwing up everywhere!


14. I do this for the money (and the fame)


I do this for the money - said no teacher ever


15. Facebook friends


Of course you can add me on FB - said no teacher ever


16. Summer break


I can't wait for summer break to end - said no teacher ever


17. The week before summer break


It's good to finally meet you one week prior to summer vacation - said no teacher ever


18. We’ll wait for your return…


Enjoy your week long vacation in Disney, we'll put everything important off until you return


19. No problem, just send him to school sick!


Oh you have work? No pb, just send your child to school sick - said no teacher ever


20. Yes please!


I'm such a great teacher they should pack as many students as possible in my classroom -said no teacher ever



21. Paying for daycare is a waste of money


I'd love to let your child stay in my room after school everyday until you get off work at 5!


22. No doubt


Yes your child must be gifted. The fact that you email me 10 times / day reminding me of this, is making your child even smarter by the minute.

23. CandyCrush


I had time to play that entire level of CandyrCush while I was in the bathroom

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