24 Remarks That Have Made Teachers Lose Their Sanity

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In a previous blog post, we listed some of the most ridiculous things that have been said to teachers. When we asked our readers to share their stories, too, these are some of the responses we received. You might want to grab a glass of wine and some popcorn for this one!


"When going on vacation and asking "Are you going to do anything important for the next 2 weeks?"


Parent "Why are you calling me... I'm at work"... Me: "So am I"


"If you cared about the students you'd teacher summer school for free" comment


"One of my 3rd grade parents told me she was also a teacher. She said "I do daycare in my house." comment


Oh you're a teacher? That's nice that you get summers off."


"Please be patient with my child. I don't want hime to hear the word "no." comment


"1st time he's gone on a field trip without me. Make sure you aren't so busy talking to your teacher friends" comment


"Make sure my son hangs around with the academic kids not the behavioral ones." comment


"Parent: Isn't it your job to be flexible because parents have to work?" comment


"I work all day and I'm too tired to help, can't you work with him during your lunch break." comment


"Oh. You're JUST a music teacher. You're not a real teacher then." comment


"What class is this? -student las week." comment13.

"You keep racism alive by teaching history. You are the problem. Let it go. Who cares?"


"I thought teaching was about making a difference but maybe for you it's about the vacations." comment


"Why the bleep do we have to buy THEIR paper and dry erase markers, who do these bleeping teachers think they are?" comment


"Unless you put me on the payroll, stop calling me about his behavior" Comment


"Please make sure my 10 year old takes off his good sneakers before recess!" comment


"No your 4 year old will not be able to read by Christmas" comment


"You should call me every time my daughter gets a bad grade" comment


"I'm not going to make my child do homework" comment


"Why don't you go over every test with her, to discuss what she did wrong? You must have some time for that."


"Did I miss anything?" kid who was absent for three days." comment


"You're lucky that you only have to work 9-3" comment


"You're just a teacher with all the answers in your teacher books." comment

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