25 Times Parents Absolutely Blew Teachers’ Minds

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When teachers were asked to tell us their most ridiculous stories about dealing with difficult parents, these were their responses. Enjoy! Tell us your most astonishing parent-teacher meeting stories, to be featured in a future blog!

1.Parent: Why were you gone so long? Me: My father passed away my mom needed my help. Parent: yeah but six days? Me: It's an 8 hour drive one way to get to their home."

2."Called a parent about her son's behavior. She replied that at home he's her problem, at school he's my pblem."

3.She wanted to bring her Halloween candy to school, and I didn't know what to do, so I figured you'd handle it." I ate almost all of that candy... whoops!"

4.After being called every horrible name and curse word in the book, a parent said "You need to get laid. You obviously have never been loved by a man."

5."My responsibility is to drop them off at school. Your responsibility is to make sure they learn"

6."I was very pregnant & had a parent tell me I "Had some nerve having a baby during the school year."

7."I work too many hours a day to come home and play teacher," when told her kid needs help at home.

8.One parent sent me a message asking if I thought we would have a snow day the next day. Um? Now I have to be Mother Nature on top of everything else?

9.I once had a parent suggest I get a stripper pole installed to get his son's attention."

10. I had a parent call my principal to report me because she left a voicemail on my classroom phone at 8:30 pm and I didn't call back that night."

11.High school students parent. My son had a hard time getting up in the morning I don't think you should mark him tardy. Parent also filed a complaint with the principal. Principal was laughing when he told me and tossed it in the trash."

12.I had a parent complain for months that my Kindergarten wasn't challenging her child enough and that it should be more academic."

13."I guess I'll have to start parenting at home because you aren't doing a very good job of it here"

14.Parent said "I'd like Mrs. Love's teaching license revoked. She could have given my child a bladder infection from forcing to holding his urine."

15.My teaching partner and I had grandmother, who was mad at us, tell us she was just going to pray for us. I told her "Thank you!"

16.Thought one of my students was sort of troublesome on occasions. I met his family and I became so impressed by his ability to function on any level."

17.Had a mom yell at me because I didn't tell her son "good job" finishing the homework. 1. It wasn't the homework I assigned. 2. The assignment he showed me was something we did in class.

18.I would like to add"our child is just not interest in learning so we just don't work with her at home."

19.Parent: You need to give students candy so they'll be motivated to learn."

20.I had a parent threaten to kill me because I made her son clean up the paint he spilled on the floor in art class."

21.I had an extremely difficult parent tell the director about me "either she goes or we go!"

22."You wouldn't understand because you aren't a parent!" (As said by a parent who had previously asked me for potty training advice)

23.After having a student call their parent in class because of his refusal to give me his cell phone or complete his work, his mother insisted that I apologize to her son in front of the entire class."

24."I had a parent tell me I was interrupting her beer run. At 9am.

25."Mrs J, not only has our son never gotten a D... no one in our entire family has EVER gotten a D!"

Do you have some mind-blowing stories about dealing with your students’ parents, too? Let us know in the comments!

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