28 Haiku That Perfectly Sum Up the Life of a Teacher

28 Haiku That Perfectly Sum Up the Life of a Teacher

There are certain things all teachers experience, some common struggles we all share. Here are a few haiku that perfectly sum up what teachers go through on a daily basis.

1. The calm before the storm

Mornings are quiet
Then suddenly the bell rings
Here we go again

Mornings are quiet
Then suddenly the bell rings
Here we go again

2. Waiting to pee

Bored Teachers Haiku
My bladder is full
I am going to explode
Three hours to go

My bladder is full
I am going to explode
Three hours to go

3. The pencil conundrum

Bored Teachers Haiku

The pencil jar sits
Empty upon my table
Where are the pencils?

4. A teacher’s vicious cycle

Bored Teachers Haiku

My desk is a mess
Covered in ungraded work
Bye-bye my weekend

5. A weekly dilemma 

Bored Teachers Haiku

It’s almost Friday
The excitement is building
Wait! It’s still Tuesday?

6. The never-ending meeting

Bored Teachers Haiku

The staff meeting drags
Powerpoint slides make me sleep
Stop asking questions

7. Decorations for days

Bored Teachers Haiku

Pinterest amazes
So many clever ideas
To deck out my room

8. Teacher pay sucks

Bored Teachers Haiku

Alas, my paycheck
This is why I need two jobs
Why I am tired

9. The necessary evil of professional development

Bored Teachers Haiku

Teacher duty days
The training seems to drag on
When will this day end?

10. The full moon blues

Bored Teachers Haiku

The full moon rises
The students have lost their minds
Please let this pass soon

11. A hopeful teacher approaches the weekend

Bored Teachers Haiku

The weekend is here
It’s time to rest and relax
Except for grading

12. When it’s time to lay down the law

Bored Teachers Haiku

The noise increases
Students are running amok
It’s “Teacher Voice” time

13. Art projects sound like a good idea at first

Bored Teachers Haiku

“Let’s do a project!”
Crayons and scissors and glue
The mess is insane

14. Administration ruins great lessons

Bored Teachers Haiku

Things are going well
Kids are engaged and listening
Here comes the fire drill

15. The ultimate threat

Bored Teachers Haiku

No one seems to care
What I say until I say
“I’m calling your mom”

16. Sooner or later…

PTM Haiku

Oh, there is joy in
Parent-Teacher conferences
The truth will come out

17. Distractions upon distractions

interruptions Haiku

I wish I had time
To teach my lesson, oh wait
The phone rings again

18. The technological age is upon us!

technology Haiku

Technology rocks
It helps us reach our students
If it ever works

19. Yes, I’m grading this assignment

extra credit Haiku

The ‘extra’ credit
Is only for those who do
The other work first

20. It’s like magic

makeup work Haiku

The quarter closes
Suddenly, my students care
Sadly it’s too late

21. Vacation time

vacation Haiku

Vacation is here
Finally a chance to rest
Why are they so short?

22. The bathvalanche begins

bathvalanche Haiku

A student will ask
“May I please use the restroom?”
Then they all will ask

23. Asking the bare minimum

reading Haiku

I ask my students
Please read these three paragraphs
Chaos will ensue

24. That ever-elusive time to plan

planning Haiku

Planning periods
They should be used for planning
But they never are

25. Silly questions from students


“Is this for a grade?”
“Do we have to show our work?”
Are you kidding me?

26. Who are these tests testing?

Bored Teachers Haiku

It’s testing season
But why is it that teachers
Worry more than kids?

27. The Copy Machine

Bored Teachers Haiku

Need copies for class
No toner and paper jam

28. Don’t Get Sick

Bored Teachers Haiku

Flu season is here
I’m dying in my classroom
Sub plans are the worst

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