32 Hilarious Teacher Letter Boards That Made us Laugh Out Loud

32 Hilarious Letter Boards Messages for Teachers

In between all of your friends getting married, having babies, traveling to new exotic places, and snapping candid shots with their latest hot meals, you’re almost guaranteed to see a felt letter board or two… or ten popping up on your Instagram feed these days. And when they’re not announcing their engagement, revealing their baby’s gender, or sitting next to a hot meal, these popular felt friends are probably filled with some sassy remark or funny thought of the day. Well, with all the letter boards circling around the internet, we picked out our favorites teacher ones… just in case you haven’t seen enough!

1. Sorry but not sorry

2. Never enough colorful pens

3. Sunday anxiety

4. There’s always tomorrow…

5. Rare breeds

6. January is one really long Monday

7. Decisions, decisions…

8. Tricky Hump Day

9. Me love cookies

10. Definition of Teaching

11. Nothing else compares

12. Be cauliflower

13. Time to rest & recharge

14. Couch always wins

15. Shhh…

16. It’s different… right?

17. OK, maybe sometimes.

18. Break goals…

19. …it’s called eating

20. Used to know? When? Where? Take me there!

21. 7:00 am Grammar Lessons

22. You got this!

23. Big plans…

24. It gets dark sometimes…


26. Teacher-mom/dad problems

27. Except it’s worse

28. I lost count…

29. Super Power… or weakness? Hmm.

30. Seriously, what the duck!

31. Go away Monday.

32. If only tacos grew on trees… Life would be complete!

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32 Hilarious Letter Board Messages for Teachers

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