How It Feels to Spend 7 Days in a Teacher’s Shoes

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Day in and day out, teachers somehow find the inspiration to get themselves out of bed and continue making a difference. It’s a daily roller coaster of emotions. We cry, we scream, we feel like collapsing, and we dance when the last bell rings at the end of a Friday afternoon. The struggle is REAL! Here is a sneak preview of the many emotions a teacher experiences every day during the week.


When you get out of your car in the school parking lot, and just can’t handle that it’s Monday again…

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By day two, you start to lose your cool because Friday is still so far away…

chandler from Friends yelling "Shut up!!!" gifvia Giphy


By day 3, the exhaustion starts to settle in, your feet are sore, and the only thing that will make it all better is your bed…

Michael Cera in Juno collapsing on floor gif

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Day four of the hostage situation, a glass or two help to settle the nerves…

Queen Lannister Game of Thrones "more wine" gif

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Finally, the bell rings on Friday afternoon and you get a burst of excitement that your weekend is about to begin (right after you finish your grading and inputting data until 6 pm, if you’re lucky)…

leslie knope dancing in kitchen gif
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You spend some time relaxing and recharging because it’s the only way to survive the next week of struggle…

Tyrian Lannister imp pouring glass of wine full to the top gif
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And then reality settles in… Because even though it’s still the weekend, you have a million things to do to prepare your lessons for the following week…

Ron Bergundy Anchorman crying inside a phone booth gif

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