A Day In The Life of a Virtual Teacher: The Struggle is Still Real

A Day In The Life of a Virtual Teacher: The Struggle is Still Real

Well, teachers, we’re officially in unchartered waters. With many of us now teaching from home, we’re all kind of wondering how this is going to work and what our day is going to look like. So allow me to give you a little walkthrough of what a typical day might look like if you’re a teacher that has kids at home.

Ah, time to rise and “virtually” shine!

One of the bright spots many teachers were looking forward to was the ability to sleep in and not use the alarm clock for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, that bright spot got shut off real quick when your toddler wakes up at 7 A.M.

Coffee first. Then we do all the things.

No more morning commute, which means you can stay in your PJs and drink your morning coffee from a mug instead of throwing it down your throat while running out the door or drinking it cold at school.

Activate multitasking superpowers!

HOT coffee and breakfast for the family, login to the virtual dashboard, make sure all your kids are logging into their virtual dashboard, all while carrying around a toddler. But hey, at least you get to stay in your pajamas all day right?

OK, let’s get down to business!

Time to start the actual school day. Gather you and your kids around the table and do some—

Beeeeeep! The laundry needs to be put in the dryer…

OK, now we can actually do a little… Ugh, what is that smell?

Diaper change!

OK, clean diaper, here are some toys, good to go…

Finally, time to get down to business

Enough with the distractions, there’s actual school work that needs to be done. Logging on… I wonder what my students are up to… Wow, this is taking long to load, probably because the entire family is connected to the wifi with 13 different devices!

“Mommy, I don’t get this!”

One of your actual children has a question about their math assignment which is a pity because math is not your strong suit and even if it was, you have no idea what his teacher is asking of him. So you both stare at his laptop for 15 minutes before telling him to move on to another assignment.

Your online dashboard has loaded by now…

Aaaaand 75 of your students didn’t understand the assignment you posted either. Awesome.

Is it too early for a glass of wine?

After a solid 10 minutes of schoolwork, it’s clear that both you and your children are in need of a break. So let’s push those laptops to the side and do some housework!

Wait, what? Your children are suddenly super interested in getting back to their schoolwork?

Weird! That’s OK, with all of the kids in the house currently occupied you can keep working on the laundry, cleaning the kitchen and disinfecting everything to within an inch of its life. Sure after a few minutes, you’ll start to get light-headed from breathing in those bleach and ammonia fumes, but on the bright side, your house will be 99.9% germ-free.

What’s this? An actual lunch break?

Remember having to shove food in your face during your incredibly short lunch break? Well, now that we’re in the virtual education age, we can take as long as we want right? A luxurious hour-long lunch break is definitely in the cards until…

You realize that you have to prepare lunch for the entire family…

And thanks to the hoarders at the grocery stores, you’ll have to find a way to turn half a loaf of stale bread, an old can of tuna fish and a box of rice into a nutritious, filling meal. 

While running around cleaning, teaching and keeping your kids on task, you realize you’ve added another job title… Toilet Paper Police!

It’s the classic Catch-22 for a teacher: You finally have the freedom to use the bathroom whenever you want, but if you go too often you’ll run out of toilet paper. Ah, the Gods of Education are laughing at you right now. 

At last, the day comes to an end

How is it that a day spent at home can somehow be more exhausting than a day at school? At about the time the normal school day would leave you tired and exhausted you’ll find yourself… tired and exhausted. Seriously, what the heck? 

Time to clean the house again…

Your own children inexplicably have somehow gained a ridiculous amount of energy throughout the day and now that their schoolwork is complete they are systematically undoing all of the cleaning that you did earlier in the day. 

Collapse onto the couch…

Much like you do after a normal day of school, still with a (virtual) pile of assignments to grade and dozens of messages from students that you need to respond to, you grab a hot tea or a glass of wine and binge out a few episodes before passing out.

Good news, though…

You’re still in your pajamas!

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David Rode

Dave is a middle school math teacher. He's also a musician, a community theater, dad to two amazing children, and he doesn't get a lot of sleep.

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