A Year In The Life Of A Teacher: As Told By The Walking Dead

A Year In The Life Of A Teacher- As Told By The Walking Dead cover image

Making it through the school year can seem like surviving a zombie apocalypse sometimes. Thankfully our students are much nicer than a swarm of brain-eating walkers…usually. Here’s what a year in the life of a teacher looks like from the perspective of our favorite Walking Dead characters. 

1. When you get your class roster at the start of the year.


I have HOW MANY kids in my class? There’s always that moment of panic when you frantically start looking at your class list and seeing who’s there and who isn’t. We do our best to keep an open mind but it’s not always easy.

2. When the first full moon of the year hits.


No matter how long you’ve been teaching it always seems to be a surprise when the first full moon of the year arrives and suddenly your classroom turns into a mini-zoo. We’re not sure why the full moon affects them, we just know that it does. Every… single… time. 

3. Those last few days before Winter Break.


There are assemblies, pageants, parties, craft projects and more. Meanwhile, you’re barely able to maintain your sanity amid a flurry of papers to grade, PLC meetings, and lesson plans. It’s like going crazy but in a really festive way.

4. When you make it to the end of the first semester.



You did it! The classroom parties are over, the grades have been submitted, and all of your students have hopped on the bus. You stagger back to your classroom, weary and exhausted, and you smile because you know you survived and did a darn fine job. 

5. When you come back from winter break and have to put the hammer down.


Any time students are away from school it seems like they forget every rule that ever existed. That’s why when everyone returns from vacation, you need to take a couple days to gently remind them what your rules and expectations are. 

6. When you realize there are no more off days for the rest of the year.


Once spring break is over, every teacher woefully glances at the calendar to realize there are no more days off for the remainder of the school year. This is it, you’re officially in that final home stretch when you and your students have to bear down and soldier on. 

7. When admin begins their year-end evaluations.


It doesn’t always happen, but occasionally administration will show up while you’re in the middle of an engaging lesson that the students are all enjoying. That’s when your inner-self beams with pride as you gladly welcome your principal into your little kingdom and show them all the amazing work you and your students do. 

8. When kids start asking for extra credit to boost their grades.


It’s amazing how some students can go an entire year without seeming to care about grades at all… until right before the end of the year. Suddenly they begin to swarm you with propositions and thoughts about make up work and extra credit assignments. Giving little grade boosters here and there is fine, but there’s always that one student who wants to know how they can turn their 18% into an A by tomorrow. 

9. When you made it to the end of another year.


You started off the year with grand plans, a class full of students and a team of teachers ready to tackle the year. Some students leave, new ones arrive. You’ll lose some teachers along the way, but to those of you that are still standing, raise a glass and celebrate… because you made it.

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David Rode

Dave is a middle school math teacher. He's also a musician, a community theater, dad to two amazing children, and he doesn't get a lot of sleep.

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