15 Candy Hearts All Teachers Need This Valentine’s Day

candy hearts for teachers

15 Candy Hearts All Teachers Need This Valentine's DayWith their inception in 1847 by Oliver Chase, candy hearts are Valentine’s Day tradition. These treats have always carried love inspired messages that resonate with all during Valentine’s season. We see these tasty saccharine messages exchanged in our classrooms every year, but what about us? Where is the love for teachers?

Necco takes the time to update new phrases each year, so perhaps they should also take the time and create a teacher version of these tasty treats like these!

1. This class is Lit!

"This class is lit!" candy hearts

Most appropriately given to those English Ed. teachers!


"Yolo: you only learn once" candy hearts

Except instead of the typical, “You only live once” let’s go with, “You only LEARN once.

3. Snow day

"Snow day" candy hearts

Are there any other two words more lovely to a teacher? A candy heart that says “snow day” is sure to at least trigger a smile on your teacher’s face and perhaps just melt his/her higher-education heart.

4. We did our homework

"We did our homework" candy hearts

Signal the hallelujah chorus now. A day when an assignment is given, and it actually comes back from every member of the class, on time, and completed to the best of their ability? That sounds like heaven on Earth.

5. Best teacher ever

"Best teacher ever" candy hearts

We are here for you, to bring you brighter, better futures. It never hurts to give a little shout out to the teachers and let them know their efforts are not in vain.

6. I get it

"I get it" candy hearts

Those “Aha!” moments that remind us why we got into this profession!

7. No in-service

"No inservice" candy hearts

You mean, I don’t have to listen to horribly boring presentations about how I have more to do and less time to get it done, AND I might actually have time to accomplish all that you expect from me? I’ll take it.

8. Standardized Tests Suck

"Standardized Tests Suck" candy hearts

While we may not be able to escape them, at least commiserate with us.

9. You’re More Than A Score

"You're more than a score" candy hearts

Our students’ test scores do not define us or our teaching abilities.

10. Educational Ninja

"Educational ninja" candy hearts

This is way better than just simply being called a “teacher.”

11. Proficient AF

"Proficient AF" candy hearts

That’s everyone’s goal isn’t it.

12. Highly qualified

"Highly qualified" candy hearts

As though there was any doubt, right?

13. Endless Supply of Box Tops

"Endless supply of box tops" candy hearts

Finally! Our class can win the quarterly contest and score a pizza party!

14. School Supplies on Sale

"School supplies on sale" candy hearts

You know you love a good bargain, especially when it’s coming out of your own pockets! Grrr.

15. Summertime

"Summer time" candy hearts

Oh, the sweet bliss that is our “time away” from school.

So this year as Valentine’s cards are being purchased, filled out, and passed around the classrooms, let’s think of the teachers who watch it all unfold, year after year. Share with them a candy heart that will really speak to them!

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15 Candy Hearts All Teachers Need This Valentine's DayThis article was written by Patricia Anne — an educational badass for 11 ½ years in the high school English classroom, punning her way through each day. Check her out on her blog.

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