Classroom Management: As Told by The Mandalorian

Classroom Management as Explained by The Mandalorian

Teachers need to be tough. Tough like an intergalactic bounty hunter who always acquires his target. Tough like a Mandalorian. The next time your class is giving you a hard time, strap on your Beskar armor, set your blasters to stun and break out some of these tricks to quickly gain control of your classroom.

Rather you’re teaching online, in-person, or hybrid, The Mandalorian has you covered when it comes to classroom management!

1. Quickly shutting down interruptions like a boss.

One of the skills teachers develop over time is how to deftly duck and dodge around those interruptions from students. Sometimes you have to answer them rapid-fire, some you just have to ignore, and others you just deflect as long as you can. It’s not always easy but over time this will become one of the most important skills a teacher can develop.

2. When you walk down the hall and your class is following behind you as they should be.

There is no boss move quite like marching ahead of your class and not needing to look back to see if they’re in a straight line.

3. When students are trying to test you, so you need to put your coffee down and lay down the law.

Students will learn that is never wise to separate a teacher from their morning coffee. That’s when we need to show them that we mean business from the very beginning.

4. When a student gives you a gift with “Best Teacher Ever” written on it.

Respect is earned in the classroom. Kids don’t just randomly like teachers for no reason.

5. When you’ve already repeated the instructions three times and a student asks what to do.

Every. Single. Day.

6. When admin comes in and sees your class all on task and working.

It’s always a good feeling when all those classroom management strategies pay off.

7. When you walk into the classroom and the kids know it’s time to get to work.

A great teacher knows how to speak softly and still get the job done.

8. When you catch a student eating in the back of the classroom.

No, you’re not allowed to eat in class. Yes, cans of soda count. Yes, candy counts. No, I don’t make exceptions. Can we get back to the lesson now?

9. When you’re writing something on the board and you hear disruptions going on behind you, so you give them the teacher stare down.

Over time teachers develop a sixth sense when it comes to disruptions. You can feel them beginning no matter where you are in the classroom, and you know if you don’t nip them in the bud they’ll only get worse. That’s when the teacher stare comes into play. Every teacher has one, they’re all a little different, but they all work if you use them correctly.

10. When a teacher friend comes in to help you get control of your class.

Everyone needs a teacher buddy that’s willing to help out once in a while.

11. When the class is getting out of control and you’re all out of “be quiets”.

Sometimes you just need a direct approach. Just kidding. Don’t do that.

12. When you announce your class rules on the first day of school.

It is important to lay down the law on the first day and set the tone for the whole year.

13. When your students ask if you know any cool people, and you exaggerate a little.

A little intimidation every now and then can go a long way.

14. When students say they’re going to tell their parents how mean you are.

Yes, by all means, go home and tell your parents about everything that happened here today. All the times you were out of your seat, distracting those around you and causing a general disruption every 5 seconds. In fact, why wait until you go home? Let’s call them now and we can both tell them together? Wait, you’re good now? Are you sure? Hmmm… weird.

15. When a student is about to lose it, so you need to calm them down quickly.

We’re not just teachers. Sometimes we’re therapists, other times we’re hostage negotiators. When you smell trouble brewing, that’s when you need to jump in and diffuse the situation as quickly as possible. 

16. When a student questions your methods.

A teacher’s classroom is their kingdom. What they say goes at all times, and when students question those methods you need to remind them of who’s in charge. Sure our ways might not always make sense at the time, but as always there is a method behind our madness.

Whatever our way is… this is the way.


Classroom Management as Explained by The Mandalorian

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