The Difference Between Education in 1996 vs. 2019

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I think most teachers would agree that times have certainly changed since we were in school growing up. Classroom management was a different story. The difference is that children had more respect for their teachers and their parents back then. If a teacher warned a misbehaving student that they would call home to talk to their parents, that was usually enough to get the student to think twice and settle down. While this still may be the case with certain well-raised children in classrooms today, the amount of parents with entitled kids feeling immune from any disciplinary system has definitely increased.


This video by French comedian Gaston is a comical (although slightly exaggerated) representation of the parent & student-struggle teachers deal with on a daily basis. Check it out, and go like his Facebook page.

Teachers struggle enough with student behavior on a daily basis, as it is. We need parents’ support, not the other way around. We’re in this together!


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