10 Reasons Why a Disney Princess Could Never Be a Teacher

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Our favorite Oklahoma teacher, Haley Curfman has put together another adorable and hilarious series of photos in her classroom and around her school. You may remember her from teacher desk photos, her white dress signed by students, in the hilarious “Teachers Before Christmas Break” viral video, and/or in a few other Bored Teachers originals. This time, she has dressed up like a Disney princess to show us 10 reasons why a princess could never be a teacher.

1. Because a teacher doesn’t have to be wary of every apple that’s given to her.

teacher in yellow princess dress carrying a basket of apples with bitten apple in handCredit: Haley Curfman

2. Because teachers’ crowns are actually made of Crayons.

teacher in yellow princess dress with crown of crayons on headCredit: Haley Curfman

3. Because… The Pick-Up line! Enough said.

teacher in yellow princess dress yelling into mega phone holding onto stop signCredit: Haley Curfman

4. Because teachers know every boy won’t grow up to be a prince.

teacher in yellow princess dress kissing a frogCredit: Haley Curfman

5. Because “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” doesn’t turn a bus into a carriage.

teacher in yellow princess dress on school busCredit: Haley Curfman

6. Because the break room doesn’t invite us to relax, pull up a chair or proudly present our dinner.

teacher in yellow princess dress eating cafeteria lunchCredit: Haley Curfman

7. Because there’s nothing magical about classroom creatures.

teacher in yellow princess dress looking in classroom fish bowlCredit: Haley Curfman

8. Because teachers keep their enchanted roses in Styrofoam cups.

teacher in yellow princess dress putting water in cup with roseCredit: Haley Curfman

9. Because teachers can’t wear glass slippers all day.

teacher in yellow princess dress lacing up basketball sneakers with head sweatband on inside gymCredit: Haley Curfman

10. Because no Fairy Godmother is around to get us out of this.

teacher in yellow princess dress cleaning desks with sponge and slovesCredit: Haley Curfman


10 Reasons Why a Disney Princess Could Never Be a Teacher feature image

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