15 Emotions That ONLY Teachers Can Truly Understand

Here’s one for all of us teachers who spend our lives educating others and never get the respect we deserve for all the important work we do. Hopefully, you’re enjoying your weekend and get a good laugh from this hilarious listicle of classic emotions that only teachers can truly relate to…

1. When someone says teaching is an easy job…

April Parks and Recreation holding scissors GIF

via NBC / Via giphy

2. The moment that all students leave the classroom at the end of the day…

Ryan The Office looking around, sighing GIF

via NBC / Via mrwgifs

3. When students ask dumb questions and you lose faith in the future of humanity…

Amanda Seyfried Mean Girls "If you're from Africa. why are you white?" GIF

via Paramount Pictures / Via giphy

4. Attending weekly faculty meetings…

Simon dumbfounded look American Idol GIF

via Fox / Via giphy

5. When a student actually answers his/her phone in the middle of class…

Rihanna waving finger shaking head angry_gif

via giphy

6. The first morning back from any break or weekend… 

tina fey covering face with pillow gif

via TNT / Via tardischasingcompanion.tumblr

7. When a parent says something ignorant during a parent-teacher meeting…

Michael Scott The Office snickering GIF

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8. When a student asks a question you don’t know the answer to…

anchorman gif ron burgundy "it's science"

via DreamWorks Pictures / Via giphy

9. When a student tries to make fun of you in class…

kevin durant angry look gif

via VH1 / Via giphy.com

10. When a student “friends” you on Facebook…

judi dench closes laptop "oh shit!" gif

via Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via giphy

11. Morning after you go out on a school night…

young asian child sleeping crying eating cereal_gif

via giphy

12. What you’d like to do when your class is not listening…

Peele teacher attendance_knocking everything off desk_angry_Key & Peele gif

via Comedy Central / Via youtube.com

13. When you’re sick, but still have to go to work and teach…

leslie knope "everything hurts and I'm dying" gif

via NBC / Via giphy.com

14. Going home and having a glass of wine after a long day of shouting and being on your feet…

wine gif_Amy Schumer drinking big glass of white winevia Giphy

15. When you realize how much a student improved at the end of the year and all the emotions come pouring out…

breaking bad_Walter White crying_gif

via Warner Bros. Pictures / Via giphy.com


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