35 Epic Teacher Memes We Can All Relate to Right Now

epic teacher memes

August is a big bag of mixed emotions for educators. For many, it’s the end of their summer break and the beginning of PD sessions, back-to-school shopping, preparing classrooms, and the start of a brand new school year. For others, it’s the final month of recharging their solar-powered batteries before September hits hard and reality takes back over. In either case, we could all use a few funny teacher memes around the plethora of August events in teacher life to keep us distracted and keep us laughing.

1. Welcome to the 2020-21 school year

2. No alarm, no shoes, no problems

3. On second thought…

4. My eyes are burning!

5. With no A/C and no windows…

6. If only we were this equipped…

7. While we still can…

8. Let the countdown begin

9. Stay strong teacher friend.

10. Where did the time go!?

11. Yeah, no…


13. I’m in a glass case of emotions!

14. Summer is for resting.

15. If you don’t see it, you never received it…

16. As if they completely forgot how to act in school…

17. Grrrr!


19. Oh boy…

20. And so it begins…

21. Enjoying every second left.

22. Every year…

23. One long case of the “Smondays”

24. Chaos is coming

25. Starbucks needs to add this size

26. The moment we’ve all been waiting for

27. Never trust the snooze button

28. Beat down

29. Deep breaths

30. We have to go back!

31. End of summer blues

32. Listen up kids…

33. It’s a real thing

34. But I don’t want to go!

35. The horrifying realization…

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