50 Hilarious Thoughts That Go Through a Teacher’s Mind During a Lesson

50 Hilarious Thoughts Every Single Teacher Has During a Lesson

Teachers think on their feet constantly. We are notoriously overthinkers, no matter how well a lesson is going. We may appear cool, calm, and collected on the outside, but we are always tweaking, rethinking, and revamping each and every lesson as we are teaching it. Ever wonder what goes through a teacher’s mind while teaching a lesson? If we had thought bubbles over our heads, and thank goodness we don’t, here is what you would see.

  1. I have never been more prepared to teach a lesson in my life!
  2. Working all weekend is really going to pay off today!
  3. Did I really leave my plan book at home?
  4. Crisis averted. It was in my teacher bag under all the ungraded papers.
  5. Why do I have so many ungraded papers? I worked all weekend.
  6. Aaaannnnddd the internet is down… again..
  7. Plan B.  Old school style! Quick, run to the copier.
  8. I am seriously going to hurt the person who broke the copier and left it this way.
  9. I didn’t have time to pee. That’s gonna be a problem.
  10. Okay, let’s get this lesson started!
  11. Wow, it’s Joey’s hampster’s birthday today? Amazing!
  12. Who scheduled the damn fire drill?
  13. We better recap before moving on to the next concept.
  14. Crap! Only 40% of my students got that answer right. Maybe they just wrote it on their whiteboard wrong. Let’s do another.
  15. Nope. Time to revamp. Do over.
  16. What does your sister’s favorite color being rainbow have to do with my lesson?
  17. Your sister’s favorite color is rainbow too? Note to self… don’t put those two students into a collaborative team ever again.
  18. Cue the principal. Deep breath. Keep walking, Principal Jones. That’s right. No! Don’t sit down! She sat down.
  19. Is it too late to change careers?
  20. Why did I decide to teach this lesson this way? I knew better than to try something new today.
  21. Quick… brain break while I revamp. Thank goodness for Go Noodle!
  22. OK. I’ve got this.
  23. Why is this room is so cold?
  24. Oh my gosh, student engagement is ON POINT! I am going to get “Teacher of the Year” for sure!
  25. What is that smell?
  26. What is that noise??
  27. What the **** is happening right now?
  28. Why did the office deliver the birthday treats Tyler’s mom dropped off right now instead of waiting for me to pick them up? Now that’s all these kids can think about.
  29. Okay, it’s all I can think about, too.
  30. Everybody SITS DOWN!!!
  31. “Oh, you think you might learn better standing up? Sure, let’s give it a try!”
  32. I’m such a cool teacher.
  33. I forgot to submit attendance!
  34. Who turned on the heat?
  35. Audrey, what do you mean, “Did I miss anything?” You were gone for 20 minutes!
  36. I wonder if I could have my wine of the month shipment delivered to school? There’s always someone here to sign for it.
  37. Oh, wow! Kyle just had that lightbulb moment! He gets it!
  38. Look at all the learning going on! I’m glad I didn’t decide to change careers a few minutes ago.
  39. Jeez… Mrs. Johnson is having a bad day next door. What is she yelling about? My students are so lucky to have a kind and patient teacher like me.
  40. “I said you could stand at your desk, not run around the classroom! Everyone sit back down right now!”
  41. Why didn’t I dress in layers? It’s freezing again.
  42. How can I teach this differently to the students who aren’t understanding?
  43. Small group success! They’ve got it now! I rock! They rock. We all rock!
  44. It’s too early to be this exhausted.
  45. Coffee… Need. More. Coffee.
  46. Did I leave my coffee pot on at home again?
  47. I really have to pee.
  48. There’s that smell again. What is that?
  49. The whiteboards all have the correct answer!
  50. I have the best class ever! Maybe I will ask to loop with them next year.

And there you have a look inside a teacher’s mind while presenting a single lesson!


50 Hilarious Thoughts Every Single Teacher Has During a Lesson

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