How To Do Your Grading Like An Experienced Teacher

Since grading isn’t the most exhilarating part of the job, we might as well make the most of it. Here is the Bored Teachers recipe for grading your papers like a seasoned veteran teacher.

1. Put on some pajamas…

Tina Fey showing off pockets on her pyjamas gif

2. Open a bottle of wine…

wine glass with imprint "I teach. What's your excuse?" photoGet this perfect Stemless Wine Glass HERE!

3. Order some pizza…

joey from Friends eating pizza with napkin tucked into shirt gif

4. Sit in your most comfortable chair or spot on the couch…

man setting up inflatable hammock woohoo lounger next to pool gif(Love these Inflatable Air Hammocks at Amazon!)

5. Call a teacher friend to complain…

lisa kudrow on phone laughing gif

6. Throw on a Netflix series…

man and woman on couch cheering "next episode, next episode!" gif

7. Make popcorn and watch 10 episodes…

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler wearing sunglasses and eating popcorn gif(I found a great deal on these Retro-Style Popcorn Buckets at Amazon!)

8. Check your email, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, and TpT store real quick…

woman laying on couch looking at cell phone gif

9. Pass out…

mom from Married With Children sleeping on couch with open box of pizza on lap gif

10. Finish it at school…

young girl silly smirk gif

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