How to Survive December in The Classroom

Leslie Knope dancing with Christmas clothes on_Cover image December in the classroom

The holiday season is upon us. If like me, you love your students but quietly weep into your pillow every night at the thought of the next 3 weeks, then this list is for you.

1. Start a Christmas savings jar on Dec 1st.


Every time a student tells you about their elf on the shelf, make them put $1.00 in the jar. By Dec 5, you’ll have Christmas and a nice summer vacation paid for.

2. Save time and effort on Christmas projects.

Woman throwing glitter in the air

Just give each child a broken salt dough ornament and let them pour glitter directly on the floor. This is another means to an end; just skip all those middle steps that lead there.

3. Appropriately mark your lesson plans in the “Christmas spirit”

Will Farrell in the Elf dancing and singing with kids

Take a red marker and a green marker and draw a giant tornado of Santa hats, musical notes, snowmen and Christmas trees on your lesson plans for weeks 1-3 of December. Otherwise, you will spend all of January rearranging lessons you were supposed to get to.

4. Have new cabinets installed in your kitchen.

Michael Scott from the Office holding "World's best boss" mug saying "That sums it up"

You’re getting at least 10 monogrammed cups and (while they are still your favorite and most useful gift in the teacher world) you don’t have any room left in your kitchen to store them due to the 15 you got last year that are still in your weekly rotation.

5. Restock your Kleenex selection in your classroom.

Lady offering tissue to a man "Have a kleenex"

Someone (or everyone) has the flu, for sure. Also, you’ll be doing a lot of exhausted-crying this month. It’s always good to be prepared.

6. Don’t plan on using the restroom at school for a few weeks.

Leslie Knope from Parks and recreation having to pee

Without fail, all Christmas band concerts, choir performances, choral reading, and plays will be scheduled during your conference period. You will not have a break until you get home for the holidays.

7. Throw away your scale.

Tina Fey scarfing down cake

Your kids, their parents, other teachers, and admin will spend all of December bringing you the most delicious treats. You will stress eat every single treat, even the questionable ones.

8. Make sure your Netflix and Hulu accounts are ready for your upcoming break.

Homer from the Simpson watching tv with kids "Later if I have enough energy"

You’ve got big plans to bake and party, but you are too tired. Buy some PJs and get ready to settle in for your long winter’s nap.

9. Finally, after the class party, follow the trail of glitter out the door and thank your lucky stars that you work in a profession where a winter break is the norm.

Happy man dancing

Relax and recharge, and don’t worry about lesson plans—all the things you were supposed to get to in December are now your January plans.

Happy December!

author imageThis article was written by a guest blogger, teacher, wife, and mom of one, who is going into her 11th year teaching 4th grade. Her belief is that successful teaching is based solely on building relationships with her students…. but also Sonic drinks and a sense of humor.

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