15 Independence Day Fails That Will Make All Teachers Cry

1. And Earth is the best planet in the world…

sign that says "America is the best country in the world"via onsizzle

By those standards, you’re not wrong!

2. Endangered bald parrots.

image of bald eagle and american flag with caption that reads: "american flag and weird looking parrot"via pophangover

Yo, that parrot is creepy AF! Why is it on that flag???

3. What to do without spell check!

sign hanging on house porch that says "Independent's Day"via pophangover

If you’ve left your parents’ house and pay your own bills then this holiday is for you!

4. Remember…

Facebook status screenshot "Happy 4th of July everyone... remember, the confederates weren't fighting amongst themselves in the civil war. Were were some Union supported who were disgusted at the thought of slavery. Although it took us a while to be fully welcomed into the American society, we are here and free nonetheless."via pophangover

Shortly thereafter, Odysseus and Jesus signed the Treaty of Versailles, and that is why we celebrate today!

5. No comment.

screenshot "delegates from the original 13 states formed the contented congress. Thomas Jefferson, a virgin, and benjamin franklin were 2 singers of the declaration of independence. Franklin discovered electricity by rubbing two cats backwards and declared, "A horse divided against itself cannot stand."via Pinterest

If only we could form a contented congress again. Those were magical times, but unfortunately, those virgin singers are still dead.

6. President “Imeges” on the dollar bill.

home question: "Who was America's first president?" Answer: "Getty Imeges"via me.me

You see kids, sometimes Google doesn’t work!

7. Hmm…

facebook status: "Happy 2015th birthday america"via me.me

You’ve come a long way! A lot longer than we originally thought!

8. Math is important.

screenshot of news showing an american flag with 61 starsvia EliteDaily

The extra eleven is for good luck!

9. Intelligent idea…

facebook status: "im startin to think tht if the heats this bad every yr around 4th of july they shld prolly change the date so ppl can light off fireworks with out worryin about startin a fire"via Facebook

And I need the next day off to nurse my hangover! It should always be a Saturday!

10. Keep it real C-money!

tweet: "shout out to our boi christopher columbus for creating america two thousand sixteen years ago he was a real one"via Twitter

Yo when he created dat joint, it was lit!

11. Someone fell asleep in American History class…

clip of newspaper, photo of kid with caption "Tanner Baner, 13, says he thinks "it's when we became more independent from France and won the Revolutionary War."via randomoverload

Wrong imperialist nation Tanner! Not a bad guess though.

12. Not false.

test question: "Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?" Answer: "At the bottom."via Pinterest


13. And I hate Mondays so…

Facebook status: "Is 4th of July being celebrated in the 3rd or 4th this year? Cuz the 4th is a Monday..."via carbonated.tv

Then it must be the 3rd!

14. Free taxi rides and dangerous tea, yup…

homework assignment answer: "one of the causes of the revolutionary war was the english put tacks in their tea. Also, the colonists would send their parcels through the post without stamps. Finally the colonists won the war and no longer had to pay for taxis."via Pinterest

I would start a war too if people put tacks in my tea! That’s messed up! And if I got free taxi rides out of it, win-win!

15. Faith in the future of humanity = 0

facebook status: "The 4th of july on the 16th or the 15th???"via carbonated.tv



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