7 Things That Happen On the Last Day of the School Year

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It’s finally the last day of the school year. For many of you, today was the last day. CONGRATS! For others, that day can’t come soon enough. Here are few things that you’re likely to encounter before you’re officially on summer break.

1. You’ll tell the student who asks you to bump up their grade that if aliens come down from space and tap dance in front of the class, they can get extra credit.  They’ll probably respond with…

2. A parent will call telling you it’s your fault their child failed the class. Your only response will be…

3. The bell will finally ring on the last day, and you’ll look at your colleagues and say…

4. You’ll get home and your friends will keep calling and texting asking if you want to go out…

5. Eventually you will succumb to the peer pressure and go have a few drinks…

6. After a while, you’ll be venting about the school year which will sound something like…

7. By the end of the night, you will make your way back home to sleep, but you’ll dream that you already got your pre-planning letter in the mail and probably wake up like…


7 Things That Happen On the Last Day of the School Year feature imageFeature image via Forrest Gump | Paramount Pictures

author initialsThis article was written by Jeremiah Walker. He has been teaching for 6 years in Cumming, Georgia as an English Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach, and is part of the team behind the new embeddable video clip website Vlipsy.com. Check him out on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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