How to Do Your Lesson Plans Like a Boss

How to Do Your Lesson Plans Like a Boss_cover image

Any experienced teacher knows that lesson plans are essential to the chaotic world of the classroom. Going in without one is like trying to find your way around a new city wearing a blindfold. We know we need them, but sitting down and actually getting them done is another story…

1. Dig through your several tote bags and find your plan book…

Disney merlin floating books into a bag gif

2. Find your phone instead and read your new messages…

woman texting cell phone "who dat?" gif

3. Open the funny video your friend sent you…

real housewives woman texting laughing gif

4. Watch 20 other videos that come after it…

selena gomez looking at phone smiling gif

5. Surf through a bunch of teacher blogs…

kim kardashian on couch under blanket scrolling through cell phone gif

6. Close your phone and get serious…

aubrey plaza "enough" gif

7.  Get some snacks and a glass of wine before you start…

red wine pouring into "I teach. What's your excuse?" stemless wine glass gifBuy this glass HERE!

8. Call a teacher friend to ask her if she started hers yet…

black hair female on phone laughing purple background gif

9. Turn on the new Netflix Series your friend just told you about…

edward norton in Fight Club laying on couch with TV remote gif

10. Close your plan book and try again tomorrow…

kim kardashian eating chocolate "I'll start tomorrow" gif

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