The Life of a Teacher: As Told By Stranger Things

Cover of Stranger Things, reading "Teacher Things"

Teaching and Stranger Things have much in common. Just like the search for Will Byers who goes missing in some mysterious world, teachers often have to find kids who said they just “needed to go to the bathroom”, over 20 minutes ago. And, there’s at least one kid in every class who stares at you like they’re trying to set you on fire with their mind…

There are common occurrences in the day of a teacher that are defined perfectly from the antics of Stranger Things characters. Check out these moments that personify our own version of the crazy, ’Upside Down’ world we call teaching.

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1. When someone tries to talk to you as soon as you get to school…

2. When you realize you were supposed to be at your duty station 10 minutes ago…

3. When they announce that there are doughnuts in the conference room…

4. When you try to warn your teacher friends that admin is coming to do observations…

5. When you try to help the new teacher learn to not care about the little things that don’t matter…

6. When you and your teacher BFF find the leftover snacks from parent night…

7. When ‘that’ teacher is telling you another story but you have thousands of other things you could be doing…

8. When you’re five minutes in to the staff meeting and already realize this could have been sent in an email…

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This article was written by Jeremiah Walker. He has been teaching for 6 years in Cumming, Georgia as an English Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach, and is part of the team behind the new embeddable video clip website Check him out on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.


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