• Teachers Going Back to School in August
  • funny teacher stamp_dear parents, tomorrow my class is being observed, please keep your child home for the day
  • Trying to Keep Your Cool in the Midst of the Chaos - meme - animation staying calm around explosions
  • teacher meme_OVERTIME_Bored Teachers
  • getting students to line up_meme_dinosaur toy from Toy Story saying "OK kid, let's line up, single file_T rex from Jurassic park roaring "I said get in line! no touching!"
  • image of older lady with smeared makeup and messy hair_All these teachers posting new ideas to pinterest every day, and baking homemade cupcakes for their students, and I'm just trying to find time to take a SHOWER_meme
  • Teachers When They Announce a Snow Day meme - Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime show dance
  • Teachers:
  • teacher's effort vs. teacher's salary meme - guy wrestling shark vs finger holding tiny fish
  • teacher meme_gif Late Night with Seth Meyers_When that pile of ungraded papers becomes unreasonable_
  • I'm not a perfect teacher, I'm not a Pinterest teacher, or a super-organized teacher. I'm just a normal teacher trying to teach kids to be good humans.
  • teachers-during-the-last-week-of-the-school-year_meme_clips-of-men-from-the-show-The-Office-dancing
  • teacher memes_DOLLAR FOR INTERRUPTIONS_Bored Teachers
  • "I can't wait for summer break to catch up on all the things I never have time for". Me: Photos of pandas sleeping
  • My class when I tell them to stay seated while I step out in the hallway for 30 seconds_teacher meme_clip of 80s aerobic dance workout
  • teachers recharging over summer break meme_gif of 3 females being lazy from TV show Good Girls
  • teacher meme_teacher friend BFF_Bored Teachers
  • Teacher Meme_Summers Off_Bored Teachers
  • What It's Like to Be a Teacher - meme - Jurassic park being chased by t-rex
  • the teacher transformation_meme_1st year: photo of young dicaprio, 3rd year: photo of older dicaprio, 5th year: photo of olderJack Nicholson
  • Teacher "You've written one sentence and then you stopped. 499 to go. What's the holdup?" Student: "I'm looking for the copy and paste function." Writing on board "I will not put gums in girls' hair."
  • When a Student Tries to Get Away With the Same Stuff They Do at Home - meme - lord of the rings King Theoden haha, you have no power here.
  • this-could-be-us-but-were-just-teachers_meme_gifs-of-beyonce-in-pool-of-money-and-Al-Bundy-in-kiddy-pool
  • RAFIKI from The Lion King meditating _Teacher meme_When you gotta pull yourself together and find that inner peace so you don't have a mental breakdown in the middle of class
  • SLEEP before and after becoming a teacher_man sleeping well vs. blank image not found
  • blue notebook with text - teacher TRUTHs: trying not to lose your shit before noon
  • How to Deal With Teacher Stress
  • meme_teachers strategizing for next school year_GIF_gladiator_if we stay together, we survive
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