• teacher meme_LOSING IT_Bored Teachers
  • I'm just a teacher, standing in front of a whiteboard, praying my markers are not all dried-up_teacher humor
  • tweet by reese witherspoon - I'm always shocked how little teachers are paid. Don't our representatives know that teachers have one of the hardest and most important jobs in our country?
  • RAFIKI from The Lion King meditating _Teacher meme_When you gotta pull yourself together and find that inner peace so you don't have a mental breakdown in the middle of class
  • teachers recharging over summer break meme_gif of 3 females being lazy from TV show Good Girls
  • image of child dressed as superhero with quote - as a kid, I wanted to become a superhero, lawyer, actor, philosopher, comedian, philanthropist, entertainer, judge, and doctor. So I became a teacher.
  • buzzlight year aliens classroom stranger_teacher meme_whenever anyone new comes into our classroom
  • SUMMER LUXURIES of a teacher_meme_1. Peeing whenever you want 2. Going out to lunch 3. Drinking coffee before it gets cold 4. Reading a book not written for children 5. Wearing comfortable clothes. 6. No bells, no fire drills, no alarm clocks 7. Silence... sweet silence
  • When You See Another Adult For the First Time All Day - meme - Forrest Gump jumping into water seeing Luietenant Dan
  • Teachers Getting Home on Wednesdays in April_meme_Doug from The King of Queens collapsing
  • When You Run Into Another Teacher in the Back-to-School Section
  • Teachers Going Back to School in August
  • funny Quote_I'm just a teacher standing in front of a classroom, trying to say something I can no longer remember because my students interrupted me too many times
  • meme_title: If I were principal of the school..._photo of female saying: Everyone needs two naps per day
  • Kindergarten teachers be like_WASH YOUR HANDS_teacher meme_woman from The Arrival dressed in hazmat suit holding mini whiteboard that says "Wash Your Hands!"
  • When you see your teacher BFF over summer break_clip of Joey from Friends hugging Chandler
  • SLEEP LIKE A teacher on summer break_meme
  • teacher memes_BATHROOM_Bored Teachers
  • teacher's effort vs. teacher's salary meme - guy wrestling shark vs finger holding tiny fish
  • lazy teachers meme_Teachers on summer break: When you just took a shower and someone asks if you want to go out and do something_GIF of Titus Andromadon from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt netflix series saying
  • When You Realize Tomorrow Isn't Even Friday Yet - meme - will ferrel massage chairs drinking wine crying
  • the teacher transformation_meme_1st year: photo of young dicaprio, 3rd year: photo of older dicaprio, 5th year: photo of olderJack Nicholson
  • image of leonardo dicaprio as Gatsby holding champagne_text - Here's to all the teacher: moms out there — you're the true superheroes of this world
  • Mr Jones, do you watch "Stranger things"? Teacher: No. I teach at a middle school. I already see too many strange things every day here..."
  • Perfect depiction of an actual teacher - Disney movie - Inside Out showing the inside of a teacher's brain
  • what I thought teaching would be like vs what teaching is actually like_meme_image of robin williams on top of desk in dead poets society vs gif of spongebob squarepants multitasking
  • "Is this week ever going to end?" - teachers in the middle of Tuesday during the last week of school_teacher humor
  • teacher meme_teacher friend BFF_Bored Teachers
  • me after hibernating during the first few weeks of summer break_meme_clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm_I can't stand the sound of the human voice
  • how I feel trying to do DIY projects next to all these crafty teachers on Pinterest_meme_image of boy from The Simpsons_I glued my head to my shoulder
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