• What It's Like to Be a Teacher - meme - Jurassic park being chased by t-rex
  • Kid "But this is just a piece of bread..." Mom: I know, you asked for a synonym roll!"
  • when you receive your class list and there are over 30 kids on it_meme_clip of Will Ferrel in Daddy's Home_shocked expression
  • When You Touch Something Wet in Your Classroom
  • When You Run Into Another Teacher in the Back-to-School Section
  • How to Deal With Teacher Stress
  • blue notebook with text - teacher TRUTHs: trying not to lose your shit before noon
  • I'm just a teacher, standing in front of a whiteboard, praying my markers are not all dried-up_teacher humor
  • image of child dressed as superhero with quote - as a kid, I wanted to become a superhero, lawyer, actor, philosopher, comedian, philanthropist, entertainer, judge, and doctor. So I became a teacher.
  • teachers-during-the-last-week-of-the-school-year_meme_clips-of-men-from-the-show-The-Office-dancing
  • Teachers Going Back to School in August
  • June, July, August - when parents finally realize that teachers were right about their kids all along
  • Warning: DUE DATES are closer than they appear_poster
  • Trying to Keep Your Cool in the Midst of the Chaos - meme - animation staying calm around explosions
  • teacher humor_don't yell at yiour students. Lean in and whisper, it's much scarier
  • When you drive past school during summer break, photo man in car smiling white flipping off
  • Perfect depiction of an actual teacher - Disney movie - Inside Out showing the inside of a teacher's brain
  • If they put box tops on cases of beer and wine bottle labels, teachers would be like_meme_Gif of guy throwing business cards in the air making it rain_gif from Bud Light commercial
  • tweet by reese witherspoon - I'm always shocked how little teachers are paid. Don't our representatives know that teachers have one of the hardest and most important jobs in our country?
  • When You See Your Teacher BFFs After the Break
  • funny teacher stamp_dear parents, tomorrow my class is being observed, please keep your child home for the day
  • You Know You're a Teacher If_meme
  • GIF_teachers checking their bank accounts over the summer break_clip of Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at the ATM with screen showing $2 account balance
  • Raise your hand if you love your kids and are happy to have seen how much they've grown in your class, but you're ready for the school year to be over_meme_gif of man raising hand_survivor
  • here's to all the unsung heroes we don't thank enough at school - meme - image of man raising glass to toast "you rock!"
  • When you see your teacher BFF over summer break_clip of Joey from Friends hugging Chandler
  • When Students Start the Activity Before Listening to All the Instructions - meme - finding nemo fish in plastic bags after escaping from fish tank
  • image of leonardo dicaprio as Gatsby holding champagne_text - Here's to all the teacher: moms out there — you're the true superheroes of this world
  • live footage of one of my students coming back to class after I let them go to the bathroom_meme_video of snail crawling slowly
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