• teachers grading meme rock
  • teacher memes_ADMIN SPEECH_Bored Teachers
  • Teachers When They Announce a Snow Day meme - Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime show dance
  • SUMMER SCHOOL teachers be like_meme_image of Tom Hanks on beach in Cast Away with HELP ME drawn in the sand
  • funny teacher stamp_dear parents, tomorrow my class is being observed, please keep your child home for the day
  • students vs. teachers on the last day of school meme_gifs of people crying and hugging for students vs. gifs of soccer players and fans cheering and celebrating for teachers
  • meme_title: If I were principal of the school..._photo of female saying: Everyone needs two naps per day
  • teacher ins the summer_ what day is it? WHO CARES_meme_kevin hart saying who cares, man!
  • tweet by reese witherspoon - I'm always shocked how little teachers are paid. Don't our representatives know that teachers have one of the hardest and most important jobs in our country?
  • Here's to All the Teachers Not Having to Set Their Alarms Again on Sunday Nights
  • teacher meme_If I had a dollar for every time I've been interrupted in the middle of my lessons this year_image of Huell from Breaking bad lying on pile of cash
  • door knob sign teacher meme_Teacher enjoying not hearing my name called by 30 kids at the same time. KEEP OUT. Not interested unless it involves tacos or ice cream or pizza
  • raise your hand if you coulld use an extra day during the weekend for grading, lesson planning, laundry, dishes, sleeping, etc._teacher meme_image of people raising their hands
  • Alexa, rewind to the beginning of summer break - meme
  • teachers settting their alarms during the first week of school be like - image of alarms set every 5 minutes
  • What It's Like to Be a Teacher - meme - Jurassic park being chased by t-rex
  • Kid "But this is just a piece of bread..." Mom: I know, you asked for a synonym roll!"
  • teacher OLYMPICS meme_events: speed-eating, 8-hour bladder control, parent-teacher fencing, problem high jumping, multitask & field, social life diving
  • image of older lady with smeared makeup and messy hair_All these teachers posting new ideas to pinterest every day, and baking homemade cupcakes for their students, and I'm just trying to find time to take a SHOWER_meme
  • you can be a loving teacher with a gentle heart and still listen to gangster rap on the way to school
  • Every Time I Give Instructions in Class - meme - will smith MIB flash memory eraser
  • teacher meme_when a student raises their hand to answer an important questions... but then just asks to go to the bathroom_GIF of frustrated teacher removing glasses and exhaling
  • teacher humor_don't yell at yiour students. Lean in and whisper, it's much scarier
  • When-a-Student-Says-Something-Inappropriate-and-You-Cant-Stop-Yourself-From-Laughing-meme-nicholas-cage-laughing.gif
  • RAFIKI from The Lion King meditating _Teacher meme_When you gotta pull yourself together and find that inner peace so you don't have a mental breakdown in the middle of class
  • when someone says teachers sholuldn't complain_meme_imag of Betty White sticking up her middle finger
  • me after hibernating during the first few weeks of summer break_meme_clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm_I can't stand the sound of the human voice
  • Kindergarten teachers be like_WASH YOUR HANDS_teacher meme_woman from The Arrival dressed in hazmat suit holding mini whiteboard that says "Wash Your Hands!"
  • My class when I tell them to stay seated while I step out in the hallway for 30 seconds_teacher meme_clip of 80s aerobic dance workout
  • teacher meme_If you survived fidget spinning and bottle-flipping in 2016/17, you can survive anything_illustration of man pointing at himself in mirror
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