• Teachers During Summer Going to the Bathroom Whenever They Want
  • When a Student Tries to Get Away With the Same Stuff They Do at Home - meme - lord of the rings King Theoden haha, you have no power here.
  • teacher meme_so many lesson plans to do and papers to grade, better have a glass of wine, lays on couch, drinks 3 glasses and falls asleep
  • teaching: having 100 responsibilities thrown at you all at once, and everyone's screaming,
  • Here's to All the Teachers Not Having to Set Their Alarms Again on Sunday Nights
  • teacher life beginning of the day vs. end of the day_meme_images of elijah wood in Cooties as teacher vs. Lord of the Rings after throwing the ring into the lava
  • live footage of one of my students coming back to class after I let them go to the bathroom_meme_video of snail crawling slowly
  • teachers-during-the-last-week-of-the-school-year_meme_clips-of-men-from-the-show-The-Office-dancing
  • SLEEP LIKE A teacher on summer break_meme
  • don't compare yourself to other teachers, we're all losing our shit. Some of us just hide it better than others_teacher humor
  • teacher meme_I've reached that point in the school year where no nice outfit can cover up how utterly exhausted I am_ET dressed up as woman
  • teacher meme_Game of Thrones dragon queen eyes closed_When the final bells rings at the end of the day on Friday afternoons
  • you can be a loving teacher with a gentle heart and still listen to gangster rap on the way to school
  • teacher OLYMPICS meme_events: speed-eating, 8-hour bladder control, parent-teacher fencing, problem high jumping, multitask & field, social life diving
  • teachers in may meme_zach galifinakis_don't you ever say that again to me
  • When a Student Starts Acting Up During an Assembly and You Give Them the Teacher Look meme
  • When I Hear There Are Donuts in the Break Room meme - girl opening door excited
  • When you drive past school during summer break, photo man in car smiling white flipping off
  • Me when my students are about to take a test that will define my teaching performance - meme - Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmmidt praying
  • I'm not a perfect teacher, I'm not a Pinterest teacher, or a super-organized teacher. I'm just a normal teacher trying to teach kids to be good humans.
  • When You've Mastered the Teacher Look - meme - Leslie Jones mean stare
  • when someone says teachers sholuldn't complain_meme_imag of Betty White sticking up her middle finger
  • teacher's effort vs. teacher's salary meme - guy wrestling shark vs finger holding tiny fish
  • When You Run Into Another Teacher in the Back-to-School Section
  • Your Teacher When You Listen vs. When You Don't_images of Te Fiti lava monster and nice green
  • Raise your hand if you love your kids and are happy to have seen how much they've grown in your class, but you're ready for the school year to be over_meme_gif of man raising hand_survivor
  • quote Devin Siebold "I've been teaching for 10 years, but three of those were in middle school. So technically, I've been teaching for like 28 years because one year of teaching middle school ages you like 7 years. It's like dog years."
  • Teachers Getting Ready to Take On a New School Year
  • what I thought teaching would be like vs what teaching is actually like_meme_image of robin williams on top of desk in dead poets society vs gif of spongebob squarepants multitasking
  • Alexa, rewind to the beginning of summer break - meme
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