• Teachers During Summer Going to the Bathroom Whenever They Want
  • Perfect depiction of an actual teacher - Disney movie - Inside Out showing the inside of a teacher's brain
  • WEEKEND PLANS of a teacher versus reality_meme
  • Teachers on Fridays during the school year vs. during summer break_meme_GIF
  • all teachers on pinterest with classrooms looking like disney world and I'm like I took a shower today...
  • Teachers:
  • teacher meme_LOSING IT_Bored Teachers
  • shout out to all the kindergarten teachers whose students interrupt the class to announce that their sister's favorite color is pink - meme
  • when I'm in the middle of an important lesson and I hear someone using the pencil sharpener_meme_raptor looking from Jurassic Park
  • teachers who don't have to wake up for school tomorrow_world cup fans cheering GIF
  • teacher life beginning of the day vs. end of the day_meme_images of elijah wood in Cooties as teacher vs. Lord of the Rings after throwing the ring into the lava
  • teachers enjoying the last days of not hearing their name yelled 14,685 times a day
  • Teacher Struggle - Kinda want to weat tacos, kinda want to buy school supplies, kinda annoyed that I have to choose between the two
  • moms be like - but he never does anything like that at home_teacher meme_image from Friday the 13th movie_mom hugging Jason Vorhees with Jason mask on
  • teachers in may meme_zach galifinakis_don't you ever say that again to me
  • When You Look in the Mirror After a Long Day of Teaching - pheobe from Friends looking shocked
  • SLEEP before and after becoming a teacher_man sleeping well vs. blank image not found
  • When I Hear There Are Donuts in the Break Room meme - girl opening door excited
  • getting students to line up_meme_dinosaur toy from Toy Story saying "OK kid, let's line up, single file_T rex from Jurassic park roaring "I said get in line! no touching!"
  • teacher meme_when you see students in public places where you like to go on the weekends_image of tina fey and amy pehler in car saying "what the hell?"_image from movie Sisters
  • When a Student Starts Acting Up During an Assembly and You Give Them the Teacher Look meme
  • SUMMER LUXURIES of a teacher_meme_1. Peeing whenever you want 2. Going out to lunch 3. Drinking coffee before it gets cold 4. Reading a book not written for children 5. Wearing comfortable clothes. 6. No bells, no fire drills, no alarm clocks 7. Silence... sweet silence
  • teacher meme_summer break_Bored Teachers
  • Me when my students are about to take a test that will define my teaching performance - meme - Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmmidt praying
  • Trying to Keep Your Cool in the Midst of the Chaos - meme - animation staying calm around explosions
  • how I feel trying to do DIY projects next to all these crafty teachers on Pinterest_meme_image of boy from The Simpsons_I glued my head to my shoulder
  • teacher memes_CURRICULUM_Bored Teachers
  • teacher meme_me when the final bell rings at the end of the day on on friday afternoons_GIF captain america beat up
  • teacher's effort vs. teacher's salary meme - guy wrestling shark vs finger holding tiny fish
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