• "The term just started a week ago - How can I already be failing? I haven't even DONE anything" Teacher:"Well... I think you just answered your own question."
  • teacher humor_one of my students asked me what it's like to be a teacher. So I interrupted her every 10 seconds until she cried_teacher joke
  • Teacher getting ready to take on the rest of the school year like - meme - John Snow in Game of Thrones drawing sword
  • Your Teacher When You Listen vs. When You Don't_images of Te Fiti lava monster and nice green
  • June, July, August - when parents finally realize that teachers were right about their kids all along
  • moms be like - but he never does anything like that at home_teacher meme_image from Friday the 13th movie_mom hugging Jason Vorhees with Jason mask on
  • Teachers Leaving School On Fridays - meme - anchorman running down sidewalk
  • image of leonardo dicaprio as Gatsby holding champagne_text - Here's to all the teacher: moms out there — you're the true superheroes of this world
  • Alexa, rewind to the beginning of summer break - meme
  • WEEKEND PLANS of a teacher versus reality_meme
  • funny teacher stamp_dear parents, tomorrow my class is being observed, please keep your child home for the day
  • When you see your teacher BFF over summer break_clip of Joey from Friends hugging Chandler
  • students vs. teachers on the last day of school meme_gifs of people crying and hugging for students vs. gifs of soccer players and fans cheering and celebrating for teachers
  • teachers leaving school on fridays_meme_two football players from Washington Redskins slapping high five while running down the field
  • When is it OK to interrupt me while I'm teaching anchor chart - asteroid, have coffee, zombie attack, admin is coming.
  • teacher meme_LOSING IT_Bored Teachers
  • how much I care about my teaching wardrobe at the beginning of the year vs. now - photo of Shia LaBeuof in suit and then in casual clothes
  • When a Student Tries to Get Away With the Same Stuff They Do at Home - meme - lord of the rings King Theoden haha, you have no power here.
  • teacher memes_DOLLAR FOR INTERRUPTIONS_Bored Teachers
  • when you receive your class list and there are over 30 kids on it_meme_clip of Will Ferrel in Daddy's Home_shocked expression
  • live footage of one of my students coming back to class after I let them go to the bathroom_meme_video of snail crawling slowly
  • teacher ins the summer_ what day is it? WHO CARES_meme_kevin hart saying who cares, man!
  • Me When they start summer PD with an ice breaker and ask for someone to help demonstrate
  • shout out to all the kindergarten teachers whose students interrupt the class to announce that their sister's favorite color is pink - meme
  • funny Quote_I'm just a teacher standing in front of a classroom, trying to say something I can no longer remember because my students interrupted me too many times
  • raise your hand if you coulld use an extra day during the weekend for grading, lesson planning, laundry, dishes, sleeping, etc._teacher meme_image of people raising their hands
  • tweet by reese witherspoon - I'm always shocked how little teachers are paid. Don't our representatives know that teachers have one of the hardest and most important jobs in our country?
  • What It's Like to Be a Teacher - meme - Jurassic park being chased by t-rex
  • RAFIKI from The Lion King meditating _Teacher meme_When you gotta pull yourself together and find that inner peace so you don't have a mental breakdown in the middle of class
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