• When you drive past school during summer break, photo man in car smiling white flipping off
  • Teacher Meme_Summers Off_Bored Teachers
  • teacher meme_If I had a dollar for every time I've been interrupted in the middle of my lessons this year_image of Huell from Breaking bad lying on pile of cash
  • Warning: DUE DATES are closer than they appear_poster
  • Teachers On Friday Nights in March - meme female drinking from wine bottle
  • Counting How Many Times I Almost Had a Mental Breakdown in School Day - meme - guy counting with fingers
  • teachers after the first day back to school - meme - hangover movie scene guys lying on ground after getting beat up by Chang
  • Teachers Trying to Stretch Their Bank Accounts Over Summer Break
  • me after hibernating during the first few weeks of summer break_meme_clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm_I can't stand the sound of the human voice
  • 20 Memes That Sum Up What Staff Meetings Are Really Like For Teachers
  • SUMMER LUXURIES of a teacher_meme_1. Peeing whenever you want 2. Going out to lunch 3. Drinking coffee before it gets cold 4. Reading a book not written for children 5. Wearing comfortable clothes. 6. No bells, no fire drills, no alarm clocks 7. Silence... sweet silence
  • teacher meme_I've reached that point in the school year where no nice outfit can cover up how utterly exhausted I am_ET dressed up as woman
  • teacher humor_one of my students asked me what it's like to be a teacher. So I interrupted her every 10 seconds until she cried_teacher joke
  • 20 Hilarious Memes Explaining Teaching In The Times of COVID
  • Teachers Going Back to School in August
  • teacher meme_gif Late Night with Seth Meyers_When that pile of ungraded papers becomes unreasonable_
  • teacher's effort vs. teacher's salary meme - guy wrestling shark vs finger holding tiny fish
  • When You See Another Adult For the First Time All Day - meme - Forrest Gump jumping into water seeing Luietenant Dan
  • the teacher transformation_meme_1st year: photo of young dicaprio, 3rd year: photo of older dicaprio, 5th year: photo of olderJack Nicholson
  • teacher meme_When you're reading aloud in class and you look for students who aren't paying attention to call on next to read_GIF of Chandler from Friends flipping pages of book
  • teacher humor_don't yell at yiour students. Lean in and whisper, it's much scarier
  • teacher humor_non-teacher friend: Do you always bring this much work home? Me: No, someitmes I get it done during my lunch break. Friend: (looks horrified) Me: I'm kidding, I don't get lunch breaks.
  • Me when my students are about to take a test that will define my teaching performance - meme - Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmmidt praying
  • getting students to line up_meme_dinosaur toy from Toy Story saying "OK kid, let's line up, single file_T rex from Jurassic park roaring "I said get in line! no touching!"
  • meme_title: If I were principal of the school..._photo of female saying: Everyone needs two naps per day
  • teachers in may meme_zach galifinakis_don't you ever say that again to me
  • teacher meme_OVERTIME_Bored Teachers
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