• teacher memes_CURRICULUM_Bored Teachers
  • Kindergarten teachers be like_WASH YOUR HANDS_teacher meme_woman from The Arrival dressed in hazmat suit holding mini whiteboard that says "Wash Your Hands!"
  • moms be like - but he never does anything like that at home_teacher meme_image from Friday the 13th movie_mom hugging Jason Vorhees with Jason mask on
  • Warning: DUE DATES are closer than they appear_poster
  • teachers-during-the-last-week-of-the-school-year_meme_clips-of-men-from-the-show-The-Office-dancing
  • teacher memes_BATHROOM_Bored Teachers
  • What It's Like to Be a Teacher - meme - Jurassic park being chased by t-rex
  • When a Student Tries to Get Away With the Same Stuff They Do at Home - meme - lord of the rings King Theoden haha, you have no power here.
  • Teacher Meme_Summers Off_Bored Teachers
  • teacher ins the summer_ what day is it? WHO CARES_meme_kevin hart saying who cares, man!
  • When You Look in the Mirror After a Long Day of Teaching - pheobe from Friends looking shocked
  • image of older lady with smeared makeup and messy hair_All these teachers posting new ideas to pinterest every day, and baking homemade cupcakes for their students, and I'm just trying to find time to take a SHOWER_meme
  • teachers enjoying the last days of not hearing their name yelled 14,685 times a day
  • GIF image of amy schumer happy in bed_text: you know what's awesome about being a teacher on the 4th of July? Everyone has to work tomorrow except us!
  • teacher HORDING meme_I better hold on to that... I could probably use it for something in my classroom one day -teachers everywhere
  • "Is this week ever going to end?" - teachers in the middle of Tuesday during the last week of school_teacher humor
  • Here's to All the Teachers Not Having to Set Their Alarms Again on Sunday Nights
  • PARENTING in 1980s vs. 2018_meme_old painting with comic bubbles
  • teacher life beginning of the day vs. end of the day_meme_images of elijah wood in Cooties as teacher vs. Lord of the Rings after throwing the ring into the lava
  • When You Touch Something Wet in Your Classroom
  • don't compare yourself to other teachers, we're all losing our shit. Some of us just hide it better than others_teacher humor
  • Waiting For the Entire Class to Quit Down meme - mr bean waiting on side of road
  • When You See Another Adult For the First Time All Day - meme - Forrest Gump jumping into water seeing Luietenant Dan
  • teachers going out to lunch during summer break like_meme_GIF of 3 females taking shots
  • here's to all the unsung heroes we don't thank enough at school - meme - image of man raising glass to toast "you rock!"
  • teacher's effort vs. teacher's salary meme - guy wrestling shark vs finger holding tiny fish
  • WEEKEND PLANS of a teacher versus reality_meme
  • When you see your teacher BFF over summer break_clip of Joey from Friends hugging Chandler
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