• me after hibernating during the first few weeks of summer break_meme_clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm_I can't stand the sound of the human voice
  • when I get home from work on Monday nights and see my bed_meme_Star Wars gif_Luke Skywalker saying - You're so beautiful
  • meme_title: If I were principal of the school..._photo of female saying: Everyone needs two naps per day
  • teachers who don't have to wake up for school tomorrow_world cup fans cheering GIF
  • teachers enjoying the last days of not hearing their name yelled 14,685 times a day
  • When you hear your name yelled out for the millionth time this week - meme - ryan gosling with face in hands
  • Warning: DUE DATES are closer than they appear_poster
  • teachers favorite FAIRY TALE_meme_Once upon a time, admin didn't add any more students to classes or change the schedules and curriculum, the end.
  • "I can't wait for summer break to catch up on all the things I never have time for". Me: Photos of pandas sleeping
  • Teachers:
  • teacher meme_SUMMER SUNDAY_Bored Teachers
  • SLEEP LIKE A teacher on summer break_meme
  • Teachers During Summer Going to the Bathroom Whenever They Want
  • funny Quote_I'm just a teacher standing in front of a classroom, trying to say something I can no longer remember because my students interrupted me too many times
  • Teachers Leaving School On Fridays - meme - anchorman running down sidewalk
  • teachers in may meme_zach galifinakis_don't you ever say that again to me
  • who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE question_meme_Which of the following happens most during a day of teaching? A. Your lesson is interrupted B. Your name is called C. Students ask to go to the bathroom D. You whisper "WTF" to yourself_Kenan Thompson on SNL with wide eyes looking down at question
  • here's to all the unsung heroes we don't thank enough at school - meme - image of man raising glass to toast "you rock!"
  • Teachers on Fridays during the school year vs. during summer break_meme_GIF
  • teacher humor_non-teacher friend: Do you always bring this much work home? Me: No, someitmes I get it done during my lunch break. Friend: (looks horrified) Me: I'm kidding, I don't get lunch breaks.
  • when a non-teacher makes any kind of comment about how it must be nice to be a teacher and be on vacation all summer long_meme_clip of girl with fire eyes incinerating a man with eyes_from TV show How I Met Your Mother
  • When You Realize Tomorrow Isn't Even Friday Yet - meme - will ferrel massage chairs drinking wine crying
  • this-could-be-us-but-were-just-teachers_meme_gifs-of-beyonce-in-pool-of-money-and-Al-Bundy-in-kiddy-pool
  • When You See Another Adult For the First Time All Day - meme - Forrest Gump jumping into water seeing Luietenant Dan
  • Raise your hand if you love your kids and are happy to have seen how much they've grown in your class, but you're ready for the school year to be over_meme_gif of man raising hand_survivor
  • When a Student Starts Acting Up During an Assembly and You Give Them the Teacher Look meme
  • Every Time I Give Instructions in Class - meme - will smith MIB flash memory eraser
  • image of older lady with smeared makeup and messy hair_All these teachers posting new ideas to pinterest every day, and baking homemade cupcakes for their students, and I'm just trying to find time to take a SHOWER_meme
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