18 Mid-Term Questions Teachers Really Want To Ask Their Students

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Mid-term season is approaching. We know dang well our students haven’t read the material and/or studied the guide we gave them. If it isn’t on SnapChat, they didn’t look at it last night. So we might as well get some truth from them. Here’s what teachers really want to ask their kids on their Mid-Terms.

1. Please spell my name and write the name of this class you are in.

Walter White "Say my name"

2. On a scale of 1-10, please rate your overall effort in the class. For each 2 points, please try to provide an example.

Ron Swanson "That's a tough question"

3. Draw a map from this room to the bathroom and explain how that took 20 minutes.

Man shooting with finger

4. Have you ever taken this book home? Yes or No.

"Honesty's tough" gif

5. Describe in a paragraph what planet you are on when I explain the directions.

"This feels like a trap" gif

6. Make a Flow Chart of my emotions during a class period.

Baby going from wondering to crying emotions

7. Am I getting a teacher gift at the end of the year? (No, it won’t significantly change your grade if you mark yes)

"Think about your choice" gif

8. Rate your best homework excuses from 1-5.

Man counting on fingers from one to four

9. True or False. You googled “Freshman English midterm questions” before you got in here.

Jimmy Fallon "It is true"

10. Which is worse:  Sending this grade home to your parents or posting it on the class Twitter page?

Will Smith wondering

11. Using the words First, Next, Then, and Last please describe what you plan on doing if you graduate.


12. Using >, <, or = please compare the number of times you check your phone in class to the number of times you have actually taken notes in class.

Zach Galifianakis Doing math

13. Put in order of importance (highest to lowest): prom, passing this class, graduation, checking Twitter for likes on your new profile pic.

Will Ferrel "What is this? What's happening?"

14. What is your school computer mostly used for?

A) Youtube

B) Essays

C) It has never been turned on

Little girl wondering

15. If you posted your last test grade on Instagram, how many likes would it get?

Man saying "Well"

16. Using 0-100%, list each day of the week and how much effort you give on each day.

Katy Perry "Next Question!"17. Quote a line from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If you have never seen it, please turn in your test and report to detention.

Will Smith shocked

18. Who are the Ninja Turtles named after?

Ninja Turtle "Are you crazy?"

Andy McCall author This article was written by Andy McCall. Andy is in his 9th year teaching, and does everything to honor his little girl, Penelope, who passed last year. Check him out on his Blog or on Facebook: Penelope’s Path.

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