These 20 Notes Teachers Sent Home Are Proof They’re Not Paid Enough

Teacher notes

Some of the things that happen in school that teachers actually have written about in a note to send home to parents would blow your mind!

1. Lesson of the day: never let anyone ever smell your chapstick.

2. No words… (gag)

Via: Bored Teachers Community

3. Long hair, don’t care.

4. Life isn’t fair.

5. When the world is changing so fast, you have no idea what new trend your students are talking about.

Urban Dictionary Definition: An Overwatch player who refuses to pick any hero other than Hanzo. These players are hated by the community and are seen as toxic. Most Hanzo mains are really bad at the game, they act like that because they have no friends and none of their family members care about them, so they lash out on people online because there are no repercussions to their actions.

6. “It makes my brain itch!”

Via: Bored Teachers Community

7. The imaginary character “Wildo the Dildo” raises some concerns at this school.

8. Do not check the backpack. Throw away the backpack.

Picked up my toddler from school and was handed this note. I’m scared to look.

6. You can’t even make this stuff up.

10. No “What do you mean? He would never do that!” this time!

11. We’re really not paid enough for this.

12. Nope, not under my watch!

13. When you try to discipline your kids but they’re too darn cute!

14. Tag, you’re it.

Via: Bored Teachers Community

15. Not sure this one was worth the writing a note home…

16. After a student brought a boa constrictor into school for show and tell and kept it in his hoodie pocket the entire day…

17. Because cats are the best.

18. Thanks for the heads up!

19. I think I could use a “think about it chair”…

20. Nice try…

Teacher Notes

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