11 Problems Only Teachers Will Understand

11 Problems Only Teachers Will Understand_cover image

Teaching is a rewarding job, but there are certain things that can make just about anyone lose it. Here are a handful of problems only teachers could understand.

1. Struggling to engage 40 kids on a Monday morning…

Masterchef screaming "just wake up a bit!" gifvia Giphy

2. Sitting through mandatory staff meetings at the end of a long day of teaching…

ron swanson angry face falling asleep gifvia Giphy

3. Students “friending” you on Facebook…

judi dench closing laptop "oh shit" gif

via Giphy

4. Getting interrupted by a pencil sharpener multiple time a day…

key and peele substitute teacher names "I'm going to throw you out the god damn window" gif

via Giphy

5. Battling germs every day…

the big bang theory sheldon putting napkin on top of hands before touching for germs gif

via Giphy

6. Being asked questions that make you lose faith in the future of humanity…

amanda seyfried mean girls "if you're form africa, why are you white?" gif

via Giphy

7. Unannounced observations…

Amy Schumer hands up staring agrily gif

via Giphy

8. Touching something wet in your classroom and not knowing what it is or why it’s wet…

Real Housewives woman acting grossed out gifvia Giphy

9. Being asked awkward questions during Parent-Teacher conferences…

Justin Timberlake acting awkward and confused gifvia Giphy

10. Curing a pounding headache with a movie day and a game called “First Person to Make a Noise Loses”…

cameron diaz bad teacher pulling sweater over head to sleep on desk in classroom gif

via Giphy

11. Not having a moment to drink your morning coffee until noon time…

will ferrel as Elf drinking coffee and cringing gif

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