10 Realities of Teaching They Don’t Tell You About in College

10 Realities of Teaching They Don't Tell You About in College_cover image

Yes, we learned everything there is to know about lesson planning, childhood development, pedagogical content knowledge, and all that good stuff. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a college course on the brutally honest truths of being a teacher?

(*Please note: This is a satirical post. We all chose teaching because we love what we do, and know that the more exhausted we are, the more we know we are truly making a difference!)

1. Pointless staff meetings (that could be simple emails!)kim lahiri "what a waste of my time" gif

2. Complaining parents

amy poehler and maya rudolf SNL angry arguing gif

3. The downfall of our social lives

Rihanna "work work work work work" gif

4. Constant whining & crying students

kindergarten cop arnold schwarzenegger "stop whining!" gif

5. All the germs, vomiting, disgusting bathrooms & nose-picking

female the real housewives gagging grossed out gif

6. Being permanently exhausted

emily blunt rubbing forehead stressed gif

7. Not having enough money at the end of every month

real housewives nene leakes looking a phone crying gif

8. The endless amount of testing & data (leaving us barely enough time to actually TEACH)

high speed stamping papers gif

9. Extreme bladder control

leslie knope holding in pee dance gif

10. Never being able to sit = sore feet EVERY DAY

leslie knope in PArks & Recreation "everything hurts and I'm dying" gif

realities of teaching_feature image

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