8 Superheroes of the Education World That Exist in Every School

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You might be a fan of Marvel’s Avengers or the DC Universe, or both… but did you know there’s another group of superheroes that band together for a glorious purpose? That’s right, in the booming metropolis of Educationville, a band of superheroes has come together to make sure each and every child has a well-balanced education and a thirst for knowledge. Maybe you’ve seen them in your school, or maybe you are one of these incredible individuals? Let’s meet The Guardians of the Classaxy – School’s Mightiest Superheroes!

mightiest superheroes cover image

1. Bladderman

Witness the might of Bladderman! This superhero has a bladder made of indestructible material, giving him the power of teaching for long stretches at a time without having to use the bathroom. Whether his planning period is 4 hours away, or if he gets pulled into 2 staff meetings and a parent-teacher conference, Bladderman can withstand any amount of pressure building up inside of him. 


2. Professor Planning

While others around her descend into chaos and disorganization, Professor Planning shines as a beacon in the night. Her lesson plans are always up to date and submitted in a timely and ordered manner so everyone in her class knows exactly what they’re doing and what’s coming next.


3. The Incredible Grader 

Some teachers routinely have piles of papers sitting on their desks just waiting to be graded, but not The Incredible Grader. This master of assessments uses a red pen as their weapon of choice, artfully whipping through piles of tests and quizzes the minute they hit the desk. The Incredible Grader always gives assignments back on time so everyone in their class knows where they stand and how well they’re doing.


4. The Gastro Wonder

A teacher never knows how long they will actually have to eat their lunch on a daily basis. The dreams of a full lunch period tend to die off by the middle of the year, and that’s when the Gastro Wonder Woman truly starts to shine. Not only can she squeeze a bathroom trip and a PLC meeting into a 20-minute span, she somehow finds a way to wolf down a sandwich and an apple on the way. No time period is too small for The Gastro Wonder!


5. The Child Whisperer

All teachers seemingly have that one student that cannot be brought under control. That one wild bronco that can never be tamed. Then, out of the blue, comes The Child Whisperer to save the day! She swoops in and uses her powers to calm and communicate with the student. No problem child is too wild, no troubled student is too much trouble for The Child Whisperer, she can get all of them under control.


6. Captain Calm

When a classroom is in disarray and nothing seems to be going right, that’s when you can call on Captain Calm. Captain Calm uses his incredible classroom management skills to get any group of students under control and working. His classrooms are havens of peace and tranquility where everyone can focus. 


7. The Wall Wizard

Some classrooms are barren wastelands, with virtually nothing to look at. Then there’s The Wall Wizard. Their classroom is a homage to all things Pinterest. Handmade graphs, posters as far as the eye can see, and visually rich eye-grabbing material everywhere you look. There’s always something new to look at and learn from in the classroom of The Wall Wizard.


8. Spidey Copier

There may be no disaster that looms quite as large to a teacher as a broken copier machine when you need it the most. While some may run away screaming, or others remain frozen in horror, there is always King Copier. He can clear a paper jam in under 5 seconds, replace toner in the blink of an eye, and can have your copier up and running before your kids come back from the cafeteria.


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David Rode

Dave is a middle school math teacher. He's also a musician, a community theater, dad to two amazing children, and he doesn't get a lot of sleep.

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