What It’s Like to Be a Single Teacher on Valentine’s Day

Otherwise known as “Single’s Awareness Day,” Valentine’s Day carries with it a stigma of certain expectations to those in relationships: from buying chocolates, roses, jewelry, and/or going out to dinner at a restaurant you both know you can’t afford on that teacher’s salary. But when you’re single, you don’t have to abide by any of those standards.

So, throw on those comfy sweat pants, order whatever the hell you want to eat for dinner, and enjoy the following awesome perks of being a single teacher, this Valentine’s Day!

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1. You can wear whatever you want when you get home, even if that means wearing nothing at all…

2. You can order whatever food you want, and you don’t have to share any of it…

3. You can use your grammatical prowess from years of teaching to over-analyze text messages…

4. You can bake cookies and eat them all for yourself (or…you know…just eat the dough)…

5. You can watch YOUR favorite show or movie on Netflix. Then another one. And another one…

6. You can go to a bar because it’s almost guaranteed everyone there will be single too…

7. You can buy yourself something nice with the money you don’t have to spend on anyone else…

8. You can drink as much as you want because no one is around to judge you for your love of wine…

9. You can have your other single teacher friends come over and drink too, surrounding yourself in compliments and positivity…

10. You can cancel all your plans, because let’s face it, you’re getting older and just don’t feel like going out…

11. And lastly, you can profess your feelings for your one true love that never lets you down… Pizza.

True love at first sight.

Ryan Gosling in the NoteBook saying "I want all of you, forever..." to a pizza, joke for Valentine's Day

This article was written by Jeremiah Walker. He has been teaching for 6 years in Cumming, Georgia as an English Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach, and is part of the team behind the new embeddable video clip website Vlipsy.com. Check him out on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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