10 Ways Special Ed Teachers Are Just Like Rock Stars

Special Ed Teachers are Rockstars Cover
The lights are low.
Music sets the mood in the background.
Hours of hard work went into this one moment.
The crowd is getting restless.

The Special Ed teacher walks in the door and takes the stage.

You probably thought I was setting the scene for a rock star entry, but to me, Special Education teachers should be treated just the same. They might not have glittered outfits by choice and their fan mail might be covered in crayon and not lipstick kisses, but what they do every day is nothing short of a miracle. Special ed teachers hold a special place in the hearts of all the students whose lives they touch, and many others watching from down the hall. Some days, these rock stars teach to the tune of “Highway to Hell”, other days to the tune of “Walk This Way”, but one thing is for certain — they always show up and put on one hell of a show!

These are just 10 ways special ed teachers are like rock stars:

1. They perform choreographed moves daily that have taken years to perfect. Who else can make a shoulder dance out of a bad ADHD day with no meds?

Black and White gif men dancing

2. Their names are chanted constantly, and never in a normal tone of voice.

Kids dancing in crowd at concert

3. They can’t go out in public without being mobbed by screaming fans.

4. They can out-rhyme any rap star. Everything can be a song. Everything!

Rapper on stage "Listen to the words"

5. They can calm a screaming crowd or keep their attention during an 8-hour performance.

special ed teachers singing and playing ukulele with kindergartens

6. They know how to keep a smile plastered on their face through an entire performance.

Elton John on stage

7. They can’t go a day without people yanking on their clothes.

James Vanderbeek crowd surfing

8. People look over their disheveled wardrobe and consider it style.

Woman looking crazy with blue and red wig "Don't bother"

9. Their hands cramp from writing so many autographs, theirs are just on IEPs.

Black and White gif, Actress signing Autographs

10. They are immediately told by “paparazzis” if they’ve gained weight, lost weight, or are having a bad hair day.

Ozzy Osbourne on stage

10 Ways Special Ed teachers are just like rockstars, Pinterest cover

Andy McCall author This article was written by Andy McCall. Andy is in his 9th year teaching, and does everything to honor his little girl, Penelope, who passed last year. He is the author of the new book: Pig & Steel. Check him out on his Blog.


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