10 Types of Staff Meetings Teachers MIGHT Actually Really Like

10 Types of Staff Meetings Teachers MIGHT Actually Want to Attend

The last time I felt refreshed by a staff meeting was……. Actually, I don’t remember the last time I felt refreshed or looked forward to a meeting.

Teachers feel overwhelmed and confused by all the new paperwork and data analysis presented to us at staff meetings. Yes, we know we need to raise test scores. How many staff meetings do you need to tell us that?

It would be a nice change to actually go to a staff meeting that left us feeling better about ourselves and our jobs. Meetings that gave us tools of support and develop morale.

Meetings just like these:

1. Take Something Off Our Plates Staff Meeting

Usually, our parting gifts are Form A and Form B to be completed by Friday. So, let’s have a staff meeting to take away a task, not create more.

Here, we get the news that Lesson Plans will never again have to be turned in. Or, our self-reflection doesn’t have to be written down. Yay Us!!!!!

2. Funny Meme Staff Meeting

Our principal will be highlighting every relatable teacher meme out there at this entertaining staff meeting. There will be enough Bernie Sanders for everyone’s taste.

Maybe, throw in some funny Teacher TikToks. Pure magic.

3. Pet Show-n-Tell Staff Meeting

We do these with our virtual students. Let’s do them with our colleagues. Our pets get us through our toughest teaching moments.

They deserve to be shared and appreciated. We are so proud of them. Just remember to pick up after them if not virtual.

4. Popping Bubble Wrap Staff Meeting

For the amount of stress that teachers have lately, we need to line the entire room with bubble wrap. Teachers can walk in and fling their whole entire bodies on top of the wrap.

Aww!!! Instant gratification!.

5. Escape Room Staff Meeting

You have Bulldozer Brian cornering you about his son’s grades. What do you say to him to get out of the room? How do you escape all the crazy parent requests?

It’s all about developing strategy.

6. Full Bar Staff Meeting

I am talking about a breakfast bar here, People. All teachers don’t drink alcohol. Who am I kidding, Yes, WE DO!

Feeding teachers is the best way to improve morale. Picture a full breakfast bar with all different kinds of coffee, doughnuts, bagels, eggs – the works.  It’s beautiful; isn’t it?

7. Obstacle Course Staff Meeting

Here come the teachers racing their rolling carts stacked with frivolous paperwork ready to dump in the trash. Onward to the soundproof room where they will scream the thoughts that they had to mutter underneath their breath in the classroom.

Finally, they will make it to the end where every parent will be waiting to tell them how amazing and valuable they are.

8. Virtual Field Trip Staff Meeting

This would be great. Everyone could ride on a virtual roller coaster (which, by the way, is a great metaphor for teaching.) We would feel our stress build as we slowly ascend up the track. And releeeeassssse as we come down at high speeds.

I can feel the butterflies already and hear the stress-releasing screams from my fellow teachers.

9. TpT Freebie Staff Meeting

10 Types of Staff Meetings Teachers would Actually Enjoy

Freebie for you. Freebie for me. Freebies everywhere. One thing teachers love is a great free resource. It’s like gold or chocolate.

We spend enough of our own money on materials and never have enough worthwhile resources. This would solve both problems.

10. Staff Meeting to Cancel Staff Meeting

Wouldn’t it be great to walk into a staff meeting, and the principal jumps out and says, “Psych. You have been punked. There is no staff meeting today.”

Instead, you can read it in an email. Like most meetings, that was all that was needed in the first place.

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