10 Summer Luxuries That Teachers Appreciate Most

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Summer is a time for teachers to become human again, to relax and recharge. But there are a few summer luxuries that teachers appreciate most. Here they are…

Sorry summer school teachers! 

1. Peeing whenever you want.

jimmy doogan league of their own peeing in urinal gif

2. Going out to lunch like normal people.

women raising hand "where's the food? we need food!" gif

3. Chewing your food.

kate hudson eating burger gif

4. Drinking coffee before it gets cold.

woman in cafe raising mug and smiling gif

5. Reading a book not written for children.

keira knightly walking and reading book outdoors gif

6. Wearing comfortable clothes.

real housewives blonde woman "I love sweatpants" gif

7. No bells or fire drills ringing in your ears.

cory matthews boy meets world covering ears "make it stop!" gif

8. Not having to set your alarm clock.

Zooey Deschanel "My favorite thing to do is sleep" USA Today gif

9. Speaking without being interrupted.

old black and white film "I am talking" gif

10. Silence… sweet silence (unless you have kids of your own at home!)

man eyes closed in relief gif

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