Teachers During Summer Break: As Told By Will Ferrell

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The first week of summer break is full of different emotions for teachers. Whether you had a great year or a very trying one, every teacher has similar reactions to that coveted first week of summer break. Some of Will Ferrell’s iconic scenes personify exactly how we feel during that first week of summer break.

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1. When your students ask you about your weekend plans on the last day of school…

2. When you finally get home and know you are free!

3. When you forget what your own kids look like because you’ve been so busy for 10 months…

4. When you see that glorious bottle of wine waiting for you to celebrate…

5. When you actually have time to eat a real breakfast in the morning…

6. When someone tells you how nice it must be to have summers off…

7. When you hear someone’s ringtone and it’s the same as your alarm tone…

8. When you sleep walk while dreaming that you’re getting ready for another day of teaching…

9. When you try to make the best of summer professional development…

10. When someone at the pool asks you what you do…

11. Then they respond that they could be a teacher…

12. For those who teach summer school and realize they don’t get a first week of summer break…


Teachers During Summer Break: As Told By Will Ferrell feature image

author initialsThis article was written by Jeremiah Walker. He has been teaching for 6 years in Cumming, Georgia as an English Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach, and is part of the team behind the new embeddable video clip website Vlipsy.com. Check him out on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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