10 Phases of Sunday Night Anxieties Only Teachers Understand

10 Phases of Sunday Night Anxieties Only Teachers Understand

You’d think teachers would be used to the whole days of the week thing, but nooooo. Like clockwork, when Sunday rolls around, teachers everywhere curl into the fetal position, begging the Universe for just…one…more…day. The shock of another weekend gone coupled with the anxiety over the approaching work week results in these Sunday night anxieties:

1. Tossing and turning in bed.

How many teachers will be absent tomorrow? Will there be enough subs? What classes will I have to cover? OMG if I’m covering another biology lab, I’m out!

2. You send fervent pleas to the attendance gods, willing them to keep THAT student home tomorrow.

Let’s be honest: Mondays just run smoother when he’s absent.

3. Spiraling, you engage in Sunday night mental gymnastics.

Did I bring home 100 papers to grade? Yes. Did I piss away my weekend instead of grading them? Yes. Am I now in a tailspin of overwhelm yet choosing to binge-watch Bridgerton, once again ignoring the papers? Also yes.

4. The threat of a Monday morning observation looms large.

If only stressing about it were the same as preparing for it…

5. You’re so worried about getting enough sleep that you get no sleep. 

This will not bode well for anyone you encounter before the caffeine has kicked in.

6. You begin spit-balling excuses for calling off on Monday

The dog is sick, there was (another) death in family, the never disputed, always accepted: “I have diarrhea.”

7. Every task on your to-do list feels monumental and insurmountable.

There can be no one priority when everything is a priority. There is only one rational thing to do: eat your weight in cheese.

8. Inexplicably, you become fixated on something that has absolutely nothing to do with your school preparations:

“Wonder what my Little League coach is doing these days? I should try to find him on Facebook.” *6-hours later…*

9. You wrestle with logic:

The right side of your brain tells you to pack your lunch, pick out an outfit, and get your school bag ready. But the left side of your brain screams for more Bernie memes.

10. Repeat your gratitude mantra:

I appreciate you, technology. Please don’t f*ck me over tomorrow morning.

Just as August eventually turns into September, the weekend inevitably ends, leading teachers back to the classroom. Since we can’t turn back the clocks (yet…looking at you, Artificial Intelligence), we’ll just keep hoping someone finally invents a day in between Sunday and Monday.

Come connect with other educators who understand the struggle of Sunday night anxieties in the #teacherlife community!


10 Phases of Sunday Night Anxieties Only Teachers Understand

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Stephanie Jankowski

Stephanie Jankowski is an English teacher by trade, smack talker by nature, and author of Schooled: A Love Letter to the Exhausting, Infuriating, Occasionally Excruciating Yet Somehow Completely Wonderful Profession of Teaching. When not teaching or writing, Stephanie is trying like hell to raise three decent human beings.

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