11 Hilarious Teacher Comics Every Teacher Can Relate To

Steve Weller, is an 8th grade English teacher from Ephraim, UT, and is the definition of a Superhero teacher. For the past 9 years, he has been teaching 8th grade during the day, community college class at night, taking care of 5 kids (with a set of twins!), and painting murals (like the one below), on the side!

steve weller muralsvia Steve Weller Murals FB page

In between all of this, he also somehow finds the time to draw a funny cartoon comic strip about teaching, and turned it into a published book! I think it’s fair to say he’s quite the multi-tasker! Check out his comics below. And see more on his IG page & in his book!


cartoon comic strip - principal commenting on paper chain counting down the days until summer


cartoon comic strip - principal reading substitute request for the rest of the year


cartoon comic strip - teacher "I only feed my snake students who don't turn in their assignments"


comic teacher burning essays with girly font


cartoon comic strip teacher "every single hour your body replaced billions of its cells; student: "exactly, you can't expect me to do all that AND do your homework!"


comic man digging for treasure "see you use math every day, it helped you find X.


cartoon comic strip mom and son with teacher -  "so, every day after school when you said you had no homework, you just meant you had no homework you wanted to do...


cartoon principal with teacher "Headache?" - "Yes, I just need to rest until it goes away or until 6th period goes away, whichever comes first"


cartoon teacher blowing airhorn "sometimes you have to blow an airhorn into a megaphone to regain class control"


cartoon teacher talking to student "Someday you'll be a profession in some career field; student: "I'm already a pro. At crastinating."


cartoon teacher talking to student "can you explain why you have the test answers written on the underside of your hat?" student: "Because nobody ever explained to me that the phrase "put on your thinking cap" is just an expression"

What of these teacher comics are your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

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