How It Feels to Be a Teacher on a Friday

How It Feels to Be a Teacher on a Friday_cover image

T.G.I.F. – Teachers Grateful It’s Friday!

1. You wake up a little happier than on any other day of the week.

jim carrey looking around smiling gif

2. You drink a little more coffee than on any other day of the week

coffee pouring gif

3. Getting ready for work is a little easier than on any other day.

dicaprio slapping aftershave on face gif

4. You’re determined to get the day started and over with quickly.

jennifer lawrence in Joy carrying coffee mug in winter gif

5. Deep breaths… One more day… One more day…

woman woman taking deep breath and fist pumping both hands gif

6. You have to deal with students tired of learning for the week.

jennifer lawrence "why aren't you listening to me?" gif

7. And you’re not in the mood to listen to their excuses.

mark walberg "I don't care" gif

8. But the frustration builds up and you eventually snap…

lucy liu kill bill screaming gif

9. Finally, the last bell rings, and you feel like cheering…

men in suits cheering gif

10. …waving goodbye to your kids “See ya Monday!”…

eminem waving goodbye gif

11. …and going home as soon as they do.

bradley cooper waving walking past kids "It's the weekend. I don't know you. You do not exist." gif

12. But the reality is… You still have that mandatory staff meeting…

Kanye West looking unamused gif

13. …all that data to analyze and input…

robin williams in lab coat slamming keyboard on desk gif

14. …and all those papers to finish grading!

woman with stack of papers in front of her gif

15. But then you remember you don’t have to set an alarm tonight…

mindy lahiri smiling gif

16. And you can finally enjoy a glass or two…

red wine pouring into wine glass "i teach. what's your excuse?" gif

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