10 Differences Between Your Teacher Friends & Your Non-Teacher Friends

10 Differences Between Your Teacher Friends & Your Non-Teacher Friends cover image

We all know that everything is different between your regular friends and your teacher friends. Unspoken agreements and understanding can be communicated in just one look with your teacher friends. Sympathy flows for seemingly small annoyances, even when your regular friends don’t think it is a big deal. Here are ten differences between your teacher friends and your non-teacher friends.

1. Your teacher friends are always on time (if not early), and if they aren’t they let you know when they will be there.

GIF - female in bed Yeah, I'm in the car right now. I'll be there in like 5 minutes!

We all have that friend that says she’s on her way when in reality she hasn’t even left. Your teacher friends would never do that.

2. It’s perfectly normal to have book discussions about picture books.

GIF - animated girl This is gonna be the best book ever!

In fact, most discussions are about which picture books are your favorite for a read aloud.

3. Teacher friends talk heatedly about common core for hours while your non-teacher friends don’t have any idea what common core is (and couldn’t care less).

GIF - Annie Edison in Community screaming in school

Things get heated real fast when discussing CCSS but the vacant expressions on your regular friends’ faces speak volumes.

4. Other friends pregame to club music, you pregame to adolescent audiobooks.

GIF - Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec listening to music on headphones

How excited do you get when a book you are teaching ends up online, for free?

5. Resting bitch face is not something to be desired, teachers crave to perfect it.

GIF - Anna Kendrick bitch face

Perfecting it is not only desirable but necessary for survival. And all your teacher friends know it.

6. Saturday nights are for staying home, not going out.

GIF - animated female in bed with blanket and laptop saturday night

Canceling plans towards the end of the week is also allowed. Just the tone of your voice when you say it is enough, no further explanation needed.

7. They simultaneously love and hate the stories about “your kids”.

GIF - kristen bell happy cry  GIF - female actress rolling eyes

While your other friends will listen politely and “aww” at just the right moments just like your teacher friends used to. But now your teacher friends all want to vomit because they have heard this story about this kid a thousand times.

8. They understand when you make jokes at the level of an elementary school child.

GIF - finding nemo baby jelly, baby seahorse, and baby fish he touched the butt

It’s, like, really hard not to let it rub off on you.

9. Seeing other people succeed is something you and your teacher friends actually like to see.

GIF - SNL skit will ferrell and cherie oteri as cheerleaders

Instead of talking about the person behind their back, you and your teacher friends can congratulate someone on their achievements genuinely. Seeing others succeed is what you live for. It is literally your job.

10. And, at the end of it all, only your teacher friends really know what you go through.

GIF - leslie knope and Ann in PArks and Rec hugging

No matter how great your other friends are they can never really understand all the ups and downs you go through, and why you do, like your teacher friends.

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author_image_unknownThis article was written by Amy Goodman — a 2nd-year 6th-grade teacher who sometimes wants to pull her hair out, but is mostly happy teaching. 

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