The Life of a Teacher: As Told By Disney Movies

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When it comes to explaining what it’s like to be a teacher, perhaps nothing is more perfectly relatable than the world of Disney movies. There are many colorful characters, lots of smiles and laughter, and occasionally people break into song for no apparent reason.

1. When that first bell rings and you hear students heading to your classroom.


Every day in the life of a teacher is an exciting challenge. You never quite know where the day is going to take you and where you’ll be at the end of it. One thing we can say about teaching is that it’s never boring. So you put your game face on, get into Teacher Mode and prepare for yet another grand adventure.

2. Teaching children to relax.


Being a kid these days is rough. They have so much going on between their school work, after-school activities, social lives and family that it can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes it’s important to remind them to stop, take a deep breath, break out your inner Elsa and just… let it go.

3. When students ask for a few extra minutes at recess.


There is a deep, dark secret that children can never know: Teachers like recess too. We get to go outside, take a break from the classroom and enjoy the day for a bit. But this is a closely guarded secret. If word got out that teachers appreciate recess as much as the students, our entire education system could collapse into chaos.

4. When you are super proud of a lesson you taught.


A lot of effort and planning goes into every lesson a teacher imparts. We have to consider who we’re teaching, how they will best understand the lesson and what are the best strategies to reach them. Then we have to get out there and execute that plan to perfection. So you can’t blame us for expecting a slow clap every now and then when everything magically works out just the way we thought it would.

5. When students start using the strategies you taught them.


It’s quite the rewarding feeling when you’ve been teaching a particular strategy over and over and it finally starts to click. When you see their eyes light up like Christmas trees and everything starts to make sense, that’s why we love being teachers so much.

6. When you realize students look up to you a lot.


Sometimes, teachers are the only positive role models that kids have. We may not even realize it, but our impact on students can go far beyond learning long division. They look up to us, they learn from us, and hopefully, they listen to a majority of what we say. You never know what difference you’ll make in the life of a child.

7. When kids ask all their teachers the same question, and we all give them the same answer.


Remember when you were young and Mom told you no, so you asked Dad? Occasionally students try that same tactic with teachers to test their boundaries. It’s always a good feeling when your entire grade level is in perfect sync with each other.

8. When the test results come in, and they’re really good.


You can teach till you’re blue in the face but you’re not going to go what actually sticks with your class until those test results come back at the end of the year. Yes, we may attach way more importance to them than they should have, but it still feels really good to see your students succeed.


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David Rode

Dave is a middle school math teacher. He's also a musician, a community theater, dad to two amazing children, and he doesn't get a lot of sleep.

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