The Life of a Teacher: As Told By Tarantino Movies

The Life of a Teacher- As Told By Tarantino Movies cover image
The Life of a Teacher- As Told By Tarantino Movies cover image

There are some days when teaching feels like you’re in the middle of a Quentin Tarantino movie, so who better to explain what it’s like to be one of us.

1. When you ask an easy question and no one’s answering


There’s nothing quite like getting into a lesson, writing all sorts of well-crafted notes on the board, eloquently expressing every last details… then hearing nothing but crickets when you ask your first question. Instead of engaged students you get blank stares and confusion, so you frantically search for anyone that’s at least moderately following along.

2. When students ask to go anywhere, at any time, by themselves


What’s amazing isn’t that kids ask if they can go places by themselves. What’s amazing is that they are constantly surprised when teachers say no. We can barely trust you inside the classroom when we can see every move you make, so why on Earth do you think we would let you aimlessly wander the halls unsupervised? 

3. When you get stuck “covering” for a class that isn’t yours


Teachers need to stick together if we have any chance of surviving the school year together. Occasionally that means covering someone else’s class for a few minutes while they sprint off to run an errand. What starts off as a brief guest appearance while students continue working, turns into feeding time at the zoo as you begin to realize why that teacher really needed the break in the first place.

4. When teachers meet in the breakroom


The breakroom is hallowed ground for educators. It’s the one place in the entire school where we can let our hair down temporarily before returning to our G-rated lives in the classroom. When you get a few teachers in the room at the same time, it’s akin to cowboys swapping stories in the ol’ saloon. Just some rugged individuals who have seen a few things in their times. 

5. When a student gets halfway through solving a problem, then gives up


Is there anything more frustrating than seeing a student work through a problem, get right near the end and give up? Students have no idea the anguish teachers feel as we silently root on our students, especially during state testing! 

6. When kids get in trouble, but none of their stories line up


It’s almost like second nature to students to want to cover up or hide any misdeeds they may have done. But when multiple children are involved, that’s where stories tend to fall apart. Suddenly memories get fuzzy and recollections get hazy and it gets nearly impossible to figure out what really happened.

7. When you call out 2 students chatting during class while you’re talking


Kids will be kids, and talkers will talk. No matter who you sit them next to, they find someone close by to chat with while you’re up in front of the room repeating the instructions for the 3rd time in a row. Putting them on the spot in front of the entire class is sometimes necessary. Sarcasm is allowed.

8. When you eavesdrop on students’ conversations in the hallway


If you think a group of teachers talking about our students is bad, you should bend an ear the next time a group of students are conversing. They have every person in their school ranked, organized, and sorted from fellow students to teachers to administrators.

9. When students complain there’s too much homework


We promise, we don’t assign homework to be mean. We don’t do it because we don’t like you or we’re trying to punish you. There’s an actual method to our madness that leads to actual results. If students spent half as much time doing their homework as they did complaining about it, they’d get it done on time.

10. Teachers all day every day be like…


It’s simple, it really is. We really don’t ask much of our students. Pay attention, do your best, and try not to annoy those around you. See… simple!

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