The Life of a Teacher: As Told By Star Wars

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Teaching can sometimes feel like a battle against the Imperial Forces. Teachers need to work together to restore knowledge and kindness to the Galaxy, but it’s not an easy journey. With the help of this hilarious list of teacher reactions, as told by Star Wars characters, we can get through each light-year of a school day at a time. So pick up your lightsabers and slay forward teachers. Spring break may be far away on the horizon, but the educator-force is with you, for you are the true Jedis of this universe!

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1. When you get an email that there’s a staff meeting after school…

2. When that kid who doesn’t understand the concept of personal hygiene walks in your classroom…

Leia Skywalker Star Wars "I recognized your foul stench"

3. When a student says they didn’t do their homework…

4. Become a teacher, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

"That's impossible" Star Wars gif

5. When you see a student messing with something on your desk…

“Wait… THAT’S MINE!”

6. When a student tells you they tried to finish the assignment on time, but couldn’t manage…

Yoda "Do. Or do not. There is no try." Star Wars

7. When another teacher shows up to take your place so you can go to the bathroom…

“I’ve been looking forward to this.”

8. When your students are about to take a test and none of them studied…

"I have a very bad feeling about this" Star Wars

9. When you just handed the test back and “that” student comes to you about getting some extra points…

“Ahh, yes. The negotiator!”

10. When there’s an announcement over the PA system, 5 kids asking to go to the bathroom, 3 kids sharpening pencils, the phone rings from the office, the fire alarm goes off for a routine fire drill, and an assembly scheduled all during a single class period…

"This is madness" Star Wars

11. When someone mentions the word “summer”…

“Now that’s a name I have not heard in a long time…a long time!”

12. When you’re having a rough day and admin reminds you there’s a staff meeting after school…

"Oh great" Star Wars Gif

13. When a student is mad that you moved their seat because they wouldn’t stop talking…

“Let the heat flow through you.”

14. When a student is telling you a story that doesn’t make any sense, but you sit there smiling and nodding, while thinking…

"I don't know what you're talking about" Star Wars gif

15. When a student says they don’t need your class because they’re going to be a pro athlete…

“Do you have a plan B?”

16. When it’s the week of state testing and you pass by a teacher friend in the hallway…

"May the force be with you" Star Wars

17. When the last bus pulls away and all the children have left the building…

teaching as told by Star Wars_Bored Teachers 9

18. When you finally get home and see your bed…

"You are so beautiful" Star Wars Gif

19. When you’re having drinks with a co-worker over the weekend and start getting deep…

"We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life" Star wars gif

life of a teacher star wars_feature Pinterest image_Bored Teachers

author initialsThis article was co-written by Jeremiah Walker. He has been teaching for 6 years in Cumming, Georgia as an English Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach, and is part of the team behind the new embeddable video clip website Check him out on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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