Teacher Slang: 30 Words For Educators Only

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Students are constantly coming up with new slang words that we adults have a hard time keeping up with and understanding. So it’s time the teachers have their own slang… introducing T-Slang!

1. Crayola:

Definition: cray-cray; crazy; off the walls

Use in a sentence: My class was “crayola” today, I almost lost my shitake mushrooms.

Crayola_ Bored Teachers

2. SHBAE (pronounced: shh-bay)

Definition: Should Have Been An Email

Use in a sentence: That staff meeting was totally “SHBAE” this afternoon!

SHBAE_ Bored Teachers

3. Chopper

Definition: chopper = helicopter (parents)

Use in a sentence: Josh’s parents are total “choppers“, it all makes so much sense now.


4. Gray-gray

Definition: Spending all night or all weekend grading papers.

Use in a sentence: My weekend was “gray-gray“!

gray gray_ Bored Teachers

5. IBH

Definition: Inappropriate But Hilarious

Use in a Sentence: One of my students said something so “IBH” today, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud in class!

IBH_ Bored Teachers

6. LAPM (pronounced: lap-em)

Definition: Literally Almost Peed Myself

Use in a Sentence: Today during 4th period, I had a “LAPM” moment.

LAPM_ Bored Teachers


Definition: Summer, Where Are You?

Use in a sentence: Today was a rough day… “SWAY“!

SWAY_ Bored Teachers

8. USO

Define: Unidentified Sticky Object

Use in a sentence: There’s nothing worse than finding a “USO” on a paper when grading assignments.

USO_ Bored Teachers

9. Lam & chill

Definition: Laminate and drink wine

Use in a sentence: I can’t wait to “lam & chill” all weekend.

lam & chill

10. Elmer’d

Definition: to be stuck (Elmer’s glue)

Use in a sentence: I was late to school this morning because I got Elmer’d in traffic!

elmer'd_ Bored Teachers

11. Bob

Definition: Bob = Bob Marley > We Jammin’ > jam (the copier)

Use in a Sentence: Who keeps “Bob’ing” the copier and leaving it like that?

bob_ Bored Teachers

12. Fresh Prince

Definition: to jam the copier (Bob Marley – We Jammin’)

Use in a sentence: Hey Ms. Jones, I just wanted to let you know that “Fresh Prince” re-runs are playing all day today.

fresh prince_ Bored Teachers

13. Extra credit

Definition: extra > over the top, excessive

Use in a Sentence: Karen was being so “extra credit” during the staff meeting with all those questions at the end!

extra credit_ Bored Teachers

14. Reese’s

Definition: good (because Reese’s peanut butter cups are delicious); like Gucci, but… Reese’s.

Use in a Sentence: Today was actually “Reese’s“. I only had to repeat the instructions like 3 times!

reese's _ Bored Teachers

15. Rose Art

Definition: bad quality

Use in a sentence: My last pair of shoes were so “Rose Art“. They fell apart after 2 months!

Rose art_ Bored Teachers

16. Sub plans

Definition: something annoying

Use in a Sentence: I can’t stand when students tap their pencils on their desks. It’s so “sub plans“!

Sub plans_ Bored Teachers

17. GOW (pronounced: like ‘how’ with a ‘g’)

Definition: Glass Of Wine

Use in a Sentence: 1. After a day like today, all I want is a GOW and my bed. 2. Hey, do you want a grab a GOW after the staff meeting after school?

GOW_ Bored Teachers

18. Slax

Definition: getting slapped in the face by a wave of Axe Deodorant Spray after a student drenches themself with it

Use in a Sentence: It’s impossible to walk through the hallways without getting “slaxed” left and right.

SLAX_ Bored Teachers

19. BOSC (pronounced: boss-ck)

Definition: Bag Of Stress Candy

Use in a Sentence: I keep a BOSC in bottom desk drawer for those really tough days.

BOSC_ Bored Teachers

20. Figraine (pronounced: like ‘migraine’ with an ‘f’)

Definition: f*cking migraine

Use in a Sentence: Everyone, please stop talking while I’m talking, you’re giving me a “figraine“!

Figraine_ Bored Teachers

21. T-burn

Definition: the teacher look that burns and stops students in their tracks

Use in a sentence: I often give random kids in public the “t-burn” if I see them misbehaving.

T-burn_ Bored Teachers

22. MC Hammer

Definition: off-limits; not allowed to touch (“Can’t Touch This”)

Use in a sentence: I always tell my students that my flair pens and Expo markers are “MC Hammer” at the beginning of the year, so they know better.

MC hammer_ Bored Teachers

23. Disgrossive

Definition: disgusting, gross, repulsive

Use in a sentence: I saw a student pick their scab and eat it today. It was the most ‘disgrossive” thing I’ve ever seen!


24. Marshmallow feet

Definition: walk quietly

Use in a sentence: OK class, when we walk through the halls, we need to put on our “marshmallow feet” so we don’t disturb the other classes.

Marshmallow feet_ Bored Teachers

25. IFC

Definition: Invisible Fart Cloud

Use in a Sentence: Of the many hazards of the teaching profession, walking directly into an “IFC” is one of the worst!

IFC_ Bored Teachers

26. PTB

Definition: Parent-Teacher Beatdown; when parents insult you and blame you during a PTM

Use in a Sentence: I needed a shot of tequila after last night’s “PTB” with Jason’s parents.

PTB_ Bored Teachers

27. Xerox

Definition: pain in the ass (like a copy machine)

Use in a sentence: Making sub plans is more “xerox” than just suffering through it at school.

Xerox_ Bored Teachers

28. Pencilepto

Definition: someone who steals pencils

Use in a sentence: I had to start marking all my pencils because my students are a bunch of “pencileptos“.

Pencilepot_ Bored Teachers

29. Shinge

Definition: spending your whole weekend or break binge-watching all the shows

Use in a sentence: During spring break, I plan to sleep in every day and “shinge” my a** off!

Shinge_ Bored Teachers

30. C’est la T!

Definition: only in teacher life

Use in a Sentence: Today, I had to tell my students to stop licking the floor. “C’est la T“!

C'est la T!_Bored Teachers

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