8 Teacher Would You Rathers For Summer Break

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We all know that being a teacher in the summertime is a pretty sweet deal.

While we may hit up TpT for lesson ideas, work on a grad degree, or disdainfully peruse the back-to-school sales at Target, we have some unalienable rights that we earn while preparing the youth of America for their future.

But, just for fun, let’s play a little game of would-you-rather.

During summer break, would you rather…

1. Have to put on real pants or wear a real bra before August?

2. Have your classroom floor not waxed all summer or your eyebrows not waxed all summer?

3. Go into work in July for an in-service meeting or go to the hospital for food poisoning from untidy restaurant service?

4. Continue to set an alarm every morning or continue to fix your hair every morning?

5. Give up your ability to drink coffee while it’s hot or your ability to drink as much as you want because you don’t have to worry about bathroom breaks?

6. Give up your occasional night cap without consequences or give up your occasional all-day pajamas without consequences?

7. Get a hotel room on vacation at the same resort as your most annoying student or see your most annoying student every time you go to the grocery store?

8. Give up your uninterrupted Netflix binges or down-the-rabbit-hole Pinterest sessions?

Happily teacher friends, you don’t have to choose. Now, get back to enjoying your lazy, recharging and comfortable summer.

You deserve it!


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This article was written by Brandie Freeman — a high school science teacher for more than a decade. She is married with two boys and spends her free time gardening, chasing chickens and children, and doing yoga. To read more by her, visit the Sustainable Schoolteacher Facebook page or her blog

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