19 Embarrassing Things You Can Find in Any Teacher’s Bag

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We’ve all seen those cute worksheets where kids try to guess what’s in their teacher’s bag. Well, let’s hit the pause button on those children’s imagination games, and reveal the shocking truth of what’s really in our purses, totes, briefcases, and/or backpacks.

1. Dozens of pens & whiteboard markers all dried up that you just can’t let go.

GIF - Brick Tamlin in Anchorman "I love markers."

2. Random toys confiscated from students…

photo of drawer full of random toys

3. Stack of papers to grade that you keep telling yourself you’ll get around to… when you have the time…

GIF - Leslie Knope "Good! I hate paperwork!"

4. A random fork from last week’s lunch… that never made it to the dishwasher.

GIF - female holding up a cocktail fork "Salad-trident?"

5. A few loose tampons… unused of course! (sorry guys)

GIF - young kid with suit jacket and tie, with tampon sticking in nostril "It absorbs right up."

6. A back-breaking amount of books.

GIF - cartoon Merlin floating books into a bag with magic wand

7. Definitely a bottle of aspirin, for obvious reasons…

GIF - woman rubbing temples on sides of head

8. Multiple mini-chocolate bars that melted and deformed into odd shapes or that somehow escaped from the packaging and stuck to the inside of your bag.

GIF - Lucy from I Love Lucy stuffing chocolates down her shirt in factory

9. Tupperware from the lunch you barely had time to chew…

GIF - woman opening cabinet and tupperware falling out on top of her

10. Car keys, house keys, classroom keys, and those mystery keys that open nothing we own, yet we keep them just in case…

GIF - stop motion keys rotating in circle

11. The essential bottle (or two) of hand sanitizer!

GIF - Andy Samberg YOLO video standing infront of 100s of bottles of Purell "There's no such thing as too much Purell"

12. At least ONE pen that’s leaked all over and made an “ink-redible” mess!

GIF - Red marker with ink spraying out like smoke

13. Less-than-flattering pictures of you, hand-drawn by kids with a strange perspective of the shape of your body…

image child's drawing of a cat and three people

14. Mosaic junk balls created by a sticky mixture of unwrapped candy, paper clips, hair ties, and loose change at the bottom of your bag.

GIF - girl from The Breakfast Club dumping everything out of bag

15. Crumpled-up to-do lists, grocery lists, receipts & reward cards to every coffee shop in town…

photo fo a to do list

16. Tissues of all shapes, brands, colors, and levels of softness.

GIF - girl at restaurant taking a bunch of tissues out of purse and putting them on table

17. A sweater or scarf in case of a broken thermostat or a flash cold front.

GIF - man packing bad using foot to stuff clothes inside

18. At least one pair of impossibly tangled headphones…

GIF - Barrack Obama trying to untangle headphone wires

19. GLITTER. Everywhere.

GIF - female throwing glitter up in air

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