How Teachers Feel During the Month of December

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December is one of the hardest months of teaching. With Winter break approaching, the kids are off the walls and there is never enough time to finish everything you need to do. Stay calm, you’re not alone!

1. Trying to be jolly in lieu of the chaos…

Leslie Knope singing jingle bells to ron swanson dancing gif

2. Counting down the days, hours, and minutes until winter break…

the grinch cartoon looking over edge of cliff thinking gif

3. Sitting in staff meetings the week before the break…

4. Trying not to get sick during flu season… and/or working through the sickness!

miss watson Teachers series drinking cold medicine bottle in classroom gif

5. Trying to catch up on all the grading you haven’t done…

April from Parks and Recreation looking at paperwork "This is a nightmare" gif

6. Dealing with parents who want to know what their kid will miss while they’re taking an early vacation…

7. When your job is more crowd control than actually teaching…

Chrissy Tiegen half smiling gif

8. Getting unannounced observations the week before break…

Will Ferrel as Elf screaming NO! gif

9. Going to school every day…

Patrick Star tired bloodshot eyes "what is sleep" gif

10. Getting home from school every day…

But don’t worry, you’re almost there!

How Teachers Feel During the Month of December feature image

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